Birds nesting in boxes

05 April 2008
Bird boxes erected by anglers on trees along the banks of the Moyola River have already been inhabitated by nesting birds and they have been captured on camera.
As anglers took part in a competition on Saturday, [April 5], several birds were spotted entering the boxes which were supplied by Seamus Burns - Lough Neagh Wetlands Biodiversity Officer.
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The boxes which have just been erected on the trees in recent months had not been expected to be used by birds for several years, but as these pictures [taken by Michael McGlade] show, the birds have set up home in the new accomodation.
Seamus Burns said: "These appear to be attracting blue tits which is a good sign. We are hoping that in years to come, we will also have tree sparrows nesting in boxes along the river but happy that the blue tits are showing interest in them too. Keep an eye out along the river for tree sparrows in future and let me know if there have been any spotted, near boxes or elsewhere."
"Go to to see what the tree sparrows look like and compare them with the more common house sparrow."
This is another great success for the club, which is committed to working with all agencies to ehance the river environment for fish and all associated natural wildlife.
The club have also planted a huge number of daffodils and flowers which are now coming into bloom on the banks of the river. 
To find out more information on River wildlife and how you can help, email Seamus Burns, Lough Neagh Wetlands Biodiversity Officer:
or visit their website
By: Michael McGlade