Salmon Tagging Scheme

13 September 2011
This season,DCAL Inland fisheries hope to tag around 100 fish at Kilrea and then monitor those fish back to their home rivers around Lough Neagh. To do this we will be deploying small receivers around the different feeder tributaries that will detect the tags should a fish pass by, if anyone catches one of our tagged fish they wont be able to see the tag (its internal) but we will panjet each tagged fish with a blue tattoo between the pectoral fins (picture included) to indicate its been tagged. We would ask that tagged fish be returned. However, if an angler  kills a tagged fish we would like our tag back (anglers can give it to a designated contact person on each river-on the Moyola this person is Mr. Philip Maguire). The tag is located in the stomach and can be removed upon gutting the fish. Its a small black plastic tube with a white sticker (picture attached of tag & receiver).
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Thanks for your help in this project