The Fermanagh Reporter

12 August 2011
The Moyola Angling club travelled to the loughs of fermanagh at the weekend for the last of this years away trips.
A few surprises this trip Mervyn Finley fishing for over 60 years has finally won a trophy for the heaviest Trout ,winning The Spectrum Cup, you could hear him laughing with joy from all around the lough.
Brian Bigmore is making a late challenge on the leader board after winning the Moyola Angling Still water cup,he had 3 double hookups on Saturday which helped his cause, might make a new rule on this as people were talking behind backs Brian, never the less well done to you.
Philip has come on very well on the fly and also his cooking well done Philip but down a few points this time loughs dont suit him. Sean Henry and Patsy Mcann owe there ghillie a few bob as he put them over a lot of good Trout not his fault though that they couldn't catch them. Speedy made sure he diden lose the boat this time but has a strange way of doing it.
It was Speedy and wee Toms turn to  provide the entertainment this time around. Robert Paul had just the 2 flys with him, but left both on the only tree on the lough.
You couldn't watch John McCombe he s got a new camera Robert.
Wee Stanley was very quiet but still managed to tell everyone in Belleek what flys he was using.
Dessie Diamond managed a trout this time but wanted to join it when he put it back,you were seen Dessie. At least he owend up to it.
Moira would you let Patsy get some sleep at night he could be heard snoring in Derrygonnelly.
Christy Gillmore was seen walking on water but this miracle does not say he can catch bags of fish. He said he lost a lot of fish aye right Christy.
The Ballymoughan 2 John and Adrian Mckay with there new boat with Mervyn in the middle just do and go were  they want Willie wouldn't have look in when these gays are about.
That just leaves Philip and Seamus they are nearly as good at launching a boat as Speedy they should have been watching big Jack,this time Butter was in the right place at the right time in his new yellow U boat.