No to Salmon Nets in Irish Waters

01 January 2012
DCAL are the government body who issue the licenses for drift nets and commercial salmon fishing off the coast of the North East of Ireland. These indiscriminate nets, some up to 1.5 miles long, are impacting massively on the numbers of salmon that will successfully enter our river systems to spawn. 
The No Salmon Nets group (NSN) is made up of Angling Clubs from all across Ireland  whose objective it is to see the conservation of Wild Atlantic Salmon for generations to come. 
The NSN is opposed to such methods of sa lmon fishing and seek to see an end to it. We are calling on all Anglers and Conservation Groups to join us in putting pressure on DCAL to stop with immediate effect the  issuing of these licences for such slaughter in times when the Altanltic Salmon are supposed to be protected.
Please help us to in our campaign by downloading the letter below and  sending it to.
The Minister of Culture, Arts & Leisure,

Causeway Exchange
1 - 7 Bedford Street