2012 Rule Changes

29 January 2012

Dear Member. Below is a short extract from the

 Ministerial Statement Tuesday 17th January 2012 on Salmon conservation in the DCAL Jurasdiction.

"The continued commercial exploitation of wild Atlantic salmon and killing of salmon caught by rod and line in the DCAL jurisdiction is currently untenable.
The Department is asking operators of coastal fishing engines not to apply for 2012 licences. It is writing to the Lough Neagh draft net licence holders asking them to not take salmon in 2012. It is also asking anglers to practice catch and release when fishing for salmon rather than killing them.

Following on from this the Moyola Anglers Voted unanimously at their 2012 AGM to practice catch & release for Salmon in the 2012 season. This means that all Salmon caught on waters controlled by the Moyola Angling Association must be returned safely to the water. It was also unanimously passed that all Dollaghan over 6lb weight (25 inches) must be returned safely to the water in the month of October.

If however a Salmon or large Dollaghan dies for any reason, it must be presented to a Committee Member or Balliff who will donate the fish to a good cause within the local community. If none of the above can be contacted please call our Club Chairman Philip Maguire 07504105360