River Bann Going Catch and Release

17 February 2014
Press Release for the Lower Bann Salmon Fishery from The Irish Society.

The Honourable The Irish Society has been considering for some months now how best to address the evident crisis in salmon stocks in its fisheries:  Its management committee and trustees have consulted with their experienced fishery staff and angling customers as to what conservation measures would be appropriate. The recent Ministerial  guidance from DCAL has also been taken into consideration.
We have now reached a point where we can announce the following.

1. We will enforce full Catch and Release for Salmon on all parts of the lower Bann River, i.e. All salmon must be returned alive and unharmed to the water throughout the 2012 season, from 1st June to the 31st October.

2. We will issue separate guidelines detailing the appropriate techniques that may be used when angling for salmon on our waters.

3.We strongly encourage all anglers,Angling clubs and fishery owners in Northern Ireland to adopt similar measures to help protect our endangered salmon stocks.

4.we call on the remaining commercial fishery licensees on the North Coast and in the Lough Neagh area to cease netting for salmon with immediate effect.

5. Separately, following a review of :value for money: at the Carnroe Fishery on the Lower Bann,
We are introducing measures to give anglers a better deal, including a significant price reduction.

Further details of these measures and booking arrangements for 2012 will shortly be placed on our angling booking website at www.fishpal/ireland/bann or you can contact the Coleraine  Office directly for more information.
phone 028 7034 4796