Latest from the Moyola 17-4-08

17 April 2011
So far, April has been an extremely cold month, but this has not deterred anglers on the Moyola in search of Brown Trout.
Early reports have included high numbers of brown trout being recorded with several heavy bags of trout for the first couple of competitions of the season.
Stephen Brennan won the last competition with 3lb 2oz for 8 trout. Competitions this year have seen a good turn out of anglers.
The major project at Castledawson is well underway, with much of the new pathway at the Scotch Mill pool now complete. New spawning beds will also be installed in the stretch of water at McSwiggans.
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Further up the river, and a small project on a little tributary off the Douglas River which is itself a tributary off the Moyola has revealed a staggering array of aquatic life, with stone-fly larvae and fresh water shrimps in abundance. This augers well for the health of this river and its potential as a juvenile salmon nursery.
It still early for the big fish on the Moyola, but as May approaches and the evenings stretch out there is every chance of seeing if not catching an early dollaghan. And if you see a Springer... well let us know 
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Committee members are reminded that the April meeting of the Moyola Committee will take place on Monday [21st] night in the Bridge Bar Castledawson.
Michael McGlade, April 17, 2008