Dollaghan fry released

27 April 2008
Around 14,000 dollaghan fry from the Moyola Hatchery have been released into the river.
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The three-month old fry which have begun feeding were stocked into various locations on the river including Mulnavoo, Lisnamuck and Tobermore.
The dollaghan fry grown at much more rapid pace than their salmon counterparts, with many of the trout reaching lenghts of between six to eight inches in their first year.
Anglers are also reminded that salmon smolts will be making their emigration from the river to the sea in the coming weeks. Any of these smolts which are caught should be gently returned to the river.
The salmon smolts which take on a silver sheen prior to their departure, can be similar and often confused with trout parr. But as the picture [on the right] shows there are several key differences which help identification.
Photographs and words: Michael McGlade