Moyola Anglers visit Creagh Concrete

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moyola Anglers visit Draperstown Sand Pit



The Chairman and four committee members of Moyola Angling Association recently took a guided tour of Creagh Concrete sand and gravel pit in the Sperrins between Draperstown and Lough Fea.


Colm Scullion, the plant manager, showed them the extensive measures used by the management to ensure that the waste from the pit was properly treated and caused no pollution to the surrounding streams and rivers.


The environmental equipment was installed at a cost of some £250,000 and is proof of the company’s commitment to ensure it has done all it can to protect the environment and the local wildlife.


The representatives of the angling association were most impressed by the way the waste products were handled and by the open nature of the way they were shown all aspects of the plants equipment.


The association believes that if all similar plants were managed to such a high environmental standard there would be much less pollution in the Moyola River and its tributaries. This would ensure that there was less loss of fish spawning habitat and food life in the watercourse would be more plentiful.


Moyola Anglers would like to express their sincere thanks to Colm and the Creagh management for the most interesting and informative visit.