14 March 2014
Legal requirements for Rod Licenses.
In order to clarify the legal requirements for angling in Northern Ireland the Department is currently writing to private fishery owners in the region.

Subsequent to this correspondence fishery protection officers will be inspecting fisheries throughout the region to enforce these requirements.

Please be advised that a rod licence is required by law for angling by anyone over 12 years in the area covered by DCAL and for all ages in the area covered by the Loughs Agency.

Only one concessionary licence (juvenile,Senior Citizen or Disabled} can be issued to any individual, a second license must be purchased at the full price.

This includes all Put and Take Fisheries.

Licences are split into categories {Game or Coarse} Game species include brown trout, sea trout,salmon and arctic char. Coarse species include bream,roach,perch,carp,tench and rudd.

There is no requirement by law to have a licence for sea angling, except when fishing for salmon or sea trout.