VIDEO: Flooding at Seven Arches

22 August 2008
We have more stunning pictures of the massive flood from last weekend and another video, which shows the extent of the flooding at the Seven Arches.
Oliver Cunningham has sent in some excellent photos of the flooding at Casteldawson and Newbridge, and Michael McGlade has added a short video showing the Douglas River bursting across the road outside Draperstown.
For a closer look at pictures simply click on them.
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Since last Saturday's flood, the true extent of the damage caused by the floods has been revealed. As well as the devastation to farms, homes and land along the river particularly in the Tobermore area, large stretches of the river banks have been badly torn and undoubtedly weakened.
Nowhere was the force of the flood more apparent than at Tobermore Pond where the flood tore a 50-60 foot hole in the ramp.
If you have any images of the flood or would like to report any severe damage done, then you can do so by emailing
Michael McGlade

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