Moyola spawning beds under threat

05 September 2008
SPAWNING beds in the upper Moyola are under severe threat of devastation from river bed erosion.
The extremely rare phenomenon which has been located in the Sixtowns has left a gaping hole in the bed of the river exposing tonnes of clay which is breaking up and clogging up the spawning beds and leaving the water a murky brown colour.
Local anglers had made several attempts to find the source of the brown water which has been running sporadically for the last number of years and more predominantly in the last number of months.
On Thursday evening the problem was identified and contact was made with the relevant agencies ie FCB, EHS and River Agency, but early indications from these bodies at this stage have not been positive.
The extent of the damage caused by this eroding clay has yet to become apparent, but fears are that further flooding will only exacerbate the problem.
If anyone reading this has experienced this problem on their river, please send any comments to or leave a comment in the guestbook.
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Michael McGlade