New stile has style

28 September 2008
MEMBERS of Moyola Angling Association have erected a new stile at the new Lisnamuck bridge.
The impressive new stile, which is close to the Fullerton farm will allow easier access for anglers to the Moyola at the popular Lisnamuck stretch of the river.
Club Chairman Seamus Donnelly, who helped with the stile said: "I hope this stile will provide easier access for anglers, while protecting the fencing of the farmland.
"We are very much indebted to the co-operation of local farmers, who have given us access to the river over the years through their land and I hope that all club and visiting anglers will respect the land which they use to access the river."
The Moyola Hatchery Committee have released approximately 20,000 salmon parr from the hatchery. The majority of these six-month old juvenile salmon [many of which were in excess of 3 inches] were released into the main tributaries of the Moyola.
A salmon of 14.5lb is reported to have been caught at Casteldawson last week.
However the news is not all good, as a number of anglers have reported seeing traces of lime on the banks of the Moyola at the Weddlebridge stretch.
There are fears that poachers have stooped to the lowest level by using lime on 'Logue's' - a well-known salmon pool below the Weddlebridge. Club bailiffs will be stepping up their patrols of the river both during the day and at night in reponse to this suspected poaching incident.
Michael McGlade