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 Angling reports 2009   
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Sunday, Septemer 27
The Indian summer is making a lot of Moyola anglers nervous with the finishing line in sight for the dreaded wooden spoon.
As you will have read in the guest book, there is a distinct lack of salmon in the river.
Despite almost four weeks of constant high water in August, the anticpated main run of fish has not materialised.
However a few anglers are sleeping better, with Peter Walls and Michael McGlade recording fish at opposite ends of the river, while Geordie Richardson has landed several at his favourite throw. There are reports of more fish being caught, but to properly document these - please let us know on the website via guestbook.
Good numbers of dollaghan have moved well up the river, with several fish in the 3 -5 lb range reported from the Weddlebridge and Bankhead areas, with many more being caught further downstream by Mervyn Finlay, Seamus Donnelly, Ciaran Bradley and Willy Darragh.
There's still five weeks to go and as Seamu O'Kane says 'sure ye'll catch nothing if it's not in the water'.

Saturday, May 16
WITH frequent spells of rain at the beginning of May, the Moyola has had several moderate-sized floods, which has seen the first small runs of dollaghan entering the river.
While there have been few dollaghan caught by anglers, these mysterious trout are now in the system, and are well worth a throw as darkness descends. We have also had several more reported sightings of spring salmon, the latest of which are much further upstream at the Bankhead stretch.
Trout fishing is however providing the main sport for anglers, and with so many trout in the 1lb plus range, anglers are in no hurry to chase the dollaghan and salmon.
Friday, April 24
Anglers have been enjoying superb trout fishing on the Moyola over recent weeks.
Nymphs and wet flies have been responsible for many of the trout, with anglers such as Mervyn Finlay and Ciaran Bradley reporting excellent trout in excess of 1lb.
We have even had reports of early salmon in the river, which is encouraging for the season ahead.
With persistent rain today and more forecast for the next few days, conditions should freshen up on the river and reinvigorate the trout angling, with dollaghan due to enter the river from now on.
Michael McGlade
Friday, April 3
The river has returned to normal levels and with temperatures in the mid teens, trout have begun to rise more consistently in the last few days. Although the sun is shining at the moment rain is forecast for later today [Friday], which may freshen up the river for the weekend.
Michael McGlade
Wednesday, March 25:
High winds and heavy rain are making angling difficult, but trout are beginning to rise.
My first foray on to the Moyola today resulted in my first three trout, albeit small. The river is currently running about 6 inches above normal and clearing. Good numbers of smolts have been detected by trout fishermen, so extreme caution is urged when releasing these future kings of the Moyola.
Michael McGlade
Monday, March 16;
Rising temperatures and dropping water levels are increasing the chances of catching quality trout on the Moyola...
There was a good turnout at the first competition of the season , good bags of trout caught, first place was Willie Darragh, Second place Tommy McGrath and third place went to Barry Diamond, best junior was Nathan Young.
  Michael McGlade
Monday, March 9:
 THE 2009  is open and a good number of anglers have taken to the Moyola. Early indications, again show a good head of trout in good condition. Water temperatures are however still on the low side, with water levels about two to three ft above normal.
Michael McGlade