Return of the salmo solar - the poem

We all await the return of the "Silver Tourist".
Returning to the native waters of the Moyola
The trout rod is pushed to the back of the shed as the heavy duty gear is dusted down in preparation for some heavy duty angling.
Long-term club member Jimmy Mobray welcomes the return of the Allantic Salmon to the Moyola..
The Atlantic Salmon [Salmo Salar] 

As the Scotsman to the Haggis

His eloquence directs

So may we to the salmon

Pay our compliments and respects

When the river has lost itís fury

And chocolate brown has turned to black

Look carefully in the mid-stream,

A flash of silver, yes he is back.

Great silver warrior of the river

Each year you faithfully return

Through tides and floods, falls and rapids

To the stream where you were born.

We await you by the river

On your coming we depend

May you visit us for ever

And may your welcome never end

By: R.J. Mowbray