Car Park at Weddlebridge

This project is currently under consideration for grant funding - decision expected late Autumn 2008.
The Weddlebridge is a key location for anglers on the Moyola. This stretch of the river has outstanding opportunities for fly-fishing anglers and has become a hot-spot for both local and visiting anglers alike.
Map location of Weddlebridge
At present there is a complete lack of car-park facilities with anglers forced to park alongside the road, which carries a significant risk to both their own vehicles and passing motorists.
The club would propose to develop a car-park on land that is unused, and under agreement with Roads Service.
Land for car park
Approximate cost: 5,000.
Breakdown of costs: 2,000 - excavation and removal of soil and drainage.
1,500 Gravel and surfacing of car park. 1,000 Associated landscaping.
500 Signage for angling club and visitors.