River Habitat works

This project is currently under consideration for grant funding - decision expected late Autumn 2008.
One of the key priorities for the Moyola and District Angling Association is the restoration of salmon stocks. It has been well documented that numbers of Atlantic Salmon entering Irish waters have been in decline since the early 1980s.
Thanks to the efforts of Moyola club members, salmon have undergone a noticeable revival, with the operation of a hatchery to rear juvenile salmon - effectively giving nature a helping hand.
Salmon eggs at hatchery
Another crucial factor in survival of salmon is river habitat this means the river bed and gravel must be suitable for salmon spawning. The river must also provide adequate pools to accommodate the juvenile fish.
The Moyola club has already carried out improvement work on tributaries of the Moyola, but much more work is needed.
Map location of proposed habitat work
The angling club would propose to carry out improvement works on a 1.5 mile stretch of the upper Moyola River.
This work would involve the clearing of overhanging trees which block out light and choke aquatic life. Create deeper pools to accommodate juvenile fish. Improve spawning quality of gravel for returning adult salmon.

Approximate cost: 20,000

Breakdown of cost: 5,000 - clearing of overhanging trees. 15,000 creation of deeper pools and improvement of river gravel quality.