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Name: philip maguire
We need all hands on board this weekend at the ponds in Tobermore. Big project on Saturday is to build a disabled stand with decking, so anyone with any knowledge will be much appreciated.
Name: Sean Osborne
Many Salmon being caught at the minute, all the fishermen i meet have said they caught nothing, including myself, need some positive feedback that there are a few getting caught and of course being put back.  Cheers
Name: river watcher
River Watcher we can not put comments on this page without a name,I have your message saved and will put it on with a name when you forward it to me, sorry about this but its the only way we can keep this page clear of silly messages that appear.
Name: Rectory lodge
There will be another bring and buy sale at the Rectory on 9th september.So come along and you might just hit on a bargain.
Name: Joe Early
I seen 2 or 3 below tobermore bridge last week. Left me alone at least but there about.
Name: John Mc Kenna
Unfortunately mink have been with us for a while. There were two living at Newbridge a couple of years ago who swam across from Diamond's side and annoyed me so much I had to leave. I had bombarded them with stones for 45 minutes but they were unfazed. A friend of mine had a similar experience below Tobermore Bridge. I have seen one at the Bankhead too. They are a disaster for wildlife including fish. One was seen taking a salmon at a weir high on the Clady system last year. They are blamed for killing lambs, hens and nesting birds. Maybe we should be collating sightings to see if they are growing in number because there are ways to trap them. I'm told that otters will harass them as they are a danger to their young.
Name: Sean Osborne
Saw a Mink along the river yesterday, did not know they were about these parts, not good for local wildlife. Anyone else see any?
Name: Ricky Savage
Lost a full fly Box on the stretch just outside tobermore heading for draperstown, just up from the old stone bridge last thursday. just thought i'd try this to see if anyone has found them, cheers - i will remember to zip my back pocket from now on !!
Name: Feeonagh Chambers
On behalf of the Down's Syndrome Association I wish to thank all those involved in the angling competition on 11th August, raising funds for our work here in NI. We really appreciate the continued support of Moyola Angling Club. Congratulations to the winners & good luck to Moyola club members with all future endeavours.
   We are all very glad to be able to help Feeonagh.    
Name: Tommy McGrath
The competition report for the Moyola Charity Senior & Junior Competitions on Saturday last. There were 9 Juniors and 22 Seniors out and a total of 600 was raised for Cancer Research UK and Down's Syndrome Association.  Winner of the Francis McAuley Memorial Junior Cup was Ethan Steele, Ethan was very happy to be the first name on the trophy last year.   Now he is the second on it well done Ethan. Winner of the Seniors Cup was Philip Magure, 2nd place went to Garath Glendinning, and in 3rd place was Wesley McClenaghan. The leader board has Barry Diamond on 105 points, Philip Maguire is on 90 points, Tommy Mcgrath is on 87 points, Brian Bigmore is on 66 points, and Patsy Harkin is on 64 points, so it is looking good for Barry at this stage of the season. We got donations from N.B.T Haulage & Garage Services Cookstown, Stanley Aspinall from Cookstown, Hueston Tackle Shop Castledawson, Crawfords Tackle shop Maghera, Gortgill Service Station Moneyglass, Henry James Walls and Mervyn Finley.  A big thanks to Ashling & Danny from the Chippy in Castledawson for supplying the food and to Paul Martin from Newbridge Stores for supplying the soft drinks for our B.B.Q. after the competition.  Also a big thanks to Philip Maguire for all his hard work with  the B.B.Q. so A big thanks to everyone for all their support today.  Our next competition is The Harold Hueston Cup on Saturday the 1st of September starting at 10 30 am. Tight Lines.
Name: philip maguire
I would like to thank Tommy and anyone who helped with our away trip to Fermanagh. It went like clockwork as usual, everyone had a great time and the craic was mighty.
Our Charity Competition yesterday was a great success where we raised 600 for local charities, Again a big thank you to anyone who helped and all the people who donated money.
Name: philip maguire
John, the only way we can get anywhere with this dumping is to catch the person in the act. Magherafelt council are in a position to fine that person for  dumping as they have done before when the person left something with an address on it.
I have tried all other agencies and just get pushed from one to the other.
Name: John Mc Kenna
Apologies Ciaran-I should have said that I have reported this on a previous occasion to the Rivers Agency.I was not filled with hope after the phone call. i have not been on to anyone about this latest matter. It is very frustrating that an individual seems confident enough to dump at this site year after year, Mabye the issue could be given an airing at Council level. I have been in touch with a local Councillor about this before who advised me to try and get photographic evidence. The local press might also be an option. I feel that the Club probably have a better chance of making progress on this front than an individual-what do you think?
Name: Tommy McGrath
The competition report for the Moyola Still Water Cup and the Spectrum Cup fished for in Fermanagh last weekend by 19th anglers who all had a good time with plenty of fish and plenty of craic. The winner of the Still Water Cup for the heaviest bag of fish was Brian Bigmore, Tommy McGrath was in 2nd place and Seamus Donnelly was in 3rd place.  The winner of the Spectrum Cup for the heaviest fish was Tommy McGrath with a trout of 1lb 10oz, 2nd place was Brian Bigmore with a trout of 1lb 5oz and in 3rd place was Barry Diamond with a trout of 1lb 4 oz.  Well done to Barry fishing with the fly.  The pairs competition was won by Seamus Donnelly and Barry Diamond and in 2nd place was Chrisie Gilmore and Tommy McGrath.
This Saturday is our annual charity competition and BBQ - should be a good day.  Fishing starts from 10.30am and finishes at 5pm.  Hope to see you all there.  Tight lines
Name: ciaran bradley
john,there is a lot of dumping going on at that part of the river,i would fish there myself and down stream of the bridge there is silage covers etc hanging on trees and caught on rocks in the river.I will phone on this tomorrow,can the club put a no dumping sign here ?.Above this bridge and below it is prime spawning ground.Who did you contact john,i will get onto them asap.
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