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Name: ciaran bradley
Hows it going micky went to the river yesturday got a small hen fish round 3to4lb on a tying of my own named finns choice,the young boy picked the colours for tying hence the name.Ps fish had score marks on the belly but was in good shape and was released.
Name: Mickey McG
Hello Foley, got a hen fish on Tuesday evening about 5lb, released it- in the same pool as the last one [above Weddle somehwere] and lost one earlier.
The water doesn't seem to be as brown as it was but serious leaves.
Anyway Paul send me your mobile number to my email: and i'll give you a shout about electrofishing.
Name: john mckenna
I would just like to add to the comments of the Chairman regarding the passing of Charlie OKane.It was always a pleasure to meet Charlie and I remember going to the hatchery one day and finding him there on his own building a  wall  at the edge of the river.He was very happy to be taking on the task himself and he didn,t even ask me for help.I did stay to assist and we had a few very enjoyable hours.To Collette and the family I offer my sympathy on their great loss.
Name: Kevin O Hare
Hi Ciaran,
Many thanks for the info on fly tying.
Name: foley
well mick i was out the day down at the bank head there was three cought down there what i no of and there was one cought above the waddle bridge . it should fish better the marra if the leaves settle .
Name: damien murray
just logged on to the moyola web page and have found that it is a very well runned fishing club.your page is full of good and helpfull information....i see that your looking for help to clean up the river out of season and if any good i would be only to glad to lend a hand..
Name: ciaran bradley
.hello to all,regarding lady moyolas weir we have now set up a meeting with DCAL for next week myself and micky mcglade will attend,will let all know what happens,well done micheal okane on your salmon caught and released
Name: Administrator
The Moyola Angling Association is delighted with the response to this guestbook.
However an increasing number of anonymous or fake nicknames have been leaving comments.
In the interests of proper dialogue among anglers only those using real names or recognised nick names will have their posts put on to the guestbook. The rest will be blocked.
Keep the comments coming.
- Michael McGlade
Website Administrator
Name: Michael O Kane
Well lads, just writing here to report i had a nice wee salmon on saturday. Got it at forgetown at 5 o clock in the evening on a purple and copper blade flying c (for you boys still on for the spoon who want the fine details lol). she was a fish of 3 1/2lb to 4lb and cleanish. Got her netted as quickly as possible and she swam away strongly without any reviving needed so i was happy to see she was no worse for the encounter and she made my year!:)

Just thought you would like to hear of a fish, maybe help to restore someones confidence to get back at it before the season ends. Your fish will be hard earned but it feels better then when you do get one so keep at it lads.

I think this would be a great place to post any reports you have and i would urge you all to share your success stories with the rest of us. Its always good to hear someones catching. Also remember to use your real name and not a nickname as Seamus has already said.

Good luck to all for the rest of the season!
Name: seamus donnelly
i would like to pass on the clubs deepest sympathy to the family of charlie o'kane, who died on saturday morning.
charlie was a very hard working committee member and friend to everyone he met along the river.
he will be sadly missed

seamus donnelly
chairman m.a.a.
Name: ciaran bradley
hello kevin, regarding flytying lessons you could contact stevie munn who i know well he is a hardy/greys academy instructor and one of the best flytyers i have meet his email is or telephone 07717460131 or you can find all instructers on wed site
Name: Kevin O Hare
Are there any fly tying clubs / classes in the local area ?
Name: Seamus Donnelly

Thereís plenty of good websites for fly tying materials.
It really depends on what your after. Tinsels threads gold beads etc are all the same if you have the manufacturers name.
My advice would be to hold off buying capes because itís better to have someone who knows a good cape with you when youíre buying.
cookshill do top quality feathers and fur and are always at the foyle fisheries open day in February (a long way off I know). Your other option is to speak to Stephen Jones in craw fords maghera or Bert Atkins in garvagh, tell them what fly you want to tie and they will get you a cape.
Another option is Stanley, Iím not sure if he sells capes or not.

Could I ask anyone using the guestbook to sign in under his or her own names?
People using nicknames in my opinion could have something to hide or maybe they just want to be disruptive.
Itís best for us all if we know who were addressing when replying to comments.

Ciaran Iím up for the clean up whenever suits. Peter walls should be available too.
Iíve been toying with the idea of having a Saturday in jan, feb, march and april as a clean up day where we could pick a different location each month to work on.
Does anybody else have any thoughts on this?
Name: Jack Chapman
Next Committee meeting Monday 20th October 2008 at 8pm in Bridge Bar.
Minutes on their way!
Name: Dessie
Nathan try this I am not sure  exactly if it is what you want (copy and paste the link into browser bar)
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