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Name: Tommy McGrath
The competition report for the Gribben House Cup and the Ulster Bank Junior Cup was fished on the 16/4/11.  We had 11 seniors and 4 juniors out today and with the river in good shape for both bait and fly fishing.  in first place was Tommy McGrath with 1lb 14oz on the fly, in 2nd place was Barry Diamond with 1lb 30z on bait and in 3rd place was Tom Mullen with 1lb 1oz bait fishing, so well done to Tom.  1st place in the juniors went to our first female angler Kelly Taylor to win a competition with a fine trout of 9oz - so a big well done to Kelly.  In 2nd place was Jason bateson and joint third was Daniel Maguire and Joseph Spiers.  Our next competition is The McCracken Cup and is the first evening out on Monday 23rd May starting at 7pm.  
Leader Board
Barry Diamond 24 points
Philip Maguire 20 points
Tommy McGrath 20 points
Stanley Aspinall 14 points
Tight lines
Name: j mc kenna
Regarding dumping in the rivers-it's a good time to "bend ears" of politicians about the disgraceful attitude of a few and the total immunity they seem to have from punishment. I questioned a pair of canvassers a few years ago about poaching which they initially thought was a joke. By the time they left my doorstep they knew it was a big issue for me. It may be too late for this election but surely we could organise a situation whereby each political party should have to outline their attitude to the environment in general,  rivers in particular, poaching and the application of the law to these miscreants who abuse that which we love.
Name: paul foley
i seen some one has dumped a washing machine at the seven arches there is a lot off dumping going on around the top end off the river witch would need till be clean up . i think the club should put up signs at these places so that people are aware that the club is taking an interest in keeping it clean and tidy.
Name: philip maguire
not as many men turned out yesterday as i would have liked to have seen,
Its still the same old hands doing all the work,
A Big thank you to the men who turned up and worked very hard and got a great start made.
we need new blood out on these clean up days.
Anyone wishing to organise a clean up in the area they fish just contact us on the guestbook and we will get it organised for you.
The next clean up on the Glengomna will be sat 23rd same place ,same time.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
Competition report for the Ciaran Duffin Memorial Cup fished for on the 2nd of April. Again we had a wee brown flood so bait fishing was the ordor of the day.
In first place was our chairman Philip Maguire with a nice bag of Trout ,in 2nd place was Stanley Aspinall.
And in 3rd place was Barry Diamond.
There was 10 seniors and 6 juniors out today, our best junior was Joseph Spiers with too fine Trout and Daniel Maguire with one good Trout.
Our next competition is the Gribbin House cup for seniors and the Ulster Bank Junior cup for the juniors on the 16th of April at 10;30am,so no excuse for Adrian and wee John Mc Kay coming on the wrong day next time out,
Tight lines.
Name: philip maguire
This year we would like to take out a project on the Glengomna stream.
Working along with Teddy Roughan D C A L we hope to put some new spawning beds/Nursery pools in place in an attempt to bring Salmon back up our tributaries to spawn.
There is a lot of work which we as anglers can do to help get this work underway.
Next Saturday 9th April id like a few of us to get together and start cutting a few bushes to get this project started.
All those interested in this project please meet at Straw Chapel car park 10 am and Mervin Finlay will give us directions.
So bring your wellies/bowsaw/briar knives etc and hopefully we'll make a good start.

Name: Jack - Memberships
A reminder that from today (1st April 2011) the fees are -
Full Member - 45.00
Associate Member - 50.00
Pensioner Member - 15.00
Junior (u16) - 3.00
Junior (16-18) - 7.00
Please do not send me less as this will considerably delay the issue of your card by the time I send you a letter and you respond.
Many thanks.
Name: Tommy mcgrath
The competition secretarys report for the Diamond Service Station Cup on the 12/3/11 our first competition of the year.The 2" of snow separated the men from the boys today and with the river rising bait fishing was the order of the day. In first place was Barry Diamond with a good bag of Trout ,in joint 2nd place was Philip Maguire and Tommy Mcgrath. Our next competition The Ciaran Duffin Memorial Cup witch will be fished on Saturday the 2nd of April starting at Castledawson bridge at 10.30.Tight lines.
Name: Jack - Memberships
Just a reminder - there is only 2 weeks left to renew your membership without paying an excess fee.
After 31st March the renewal fees are -
Full Member - 45.00
Associate Member - 50.00
Pensioner Member - 15.00
Junior (u16) - 3.00
Junior (16-18) - 7.00
Please remember bailiffs are on the river and you must not fish until your fees are paid.
I hope you all have a good season on the river.
Name: Seamus donnelly
The first competition of the new season takes place this saturday 12th March at 10.30am
The Diamond service cup is up for grabs and registration will be at the bridge in castledawson.
The competitions are open to all Club members but membership needs to be paid in full by anyone wishing to take part.

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to club President Patsy mc Cann who has just undergone major heart surgery.

Name: Philip Maguire
Looking forward to 2011 season.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our committee for their continued support and all our members tight lines for new season.

Name: Jack - Memberships
When sending me your renewals please ensure you put the correct postage on the envelope for it's size.
I do not have the time to keep running to the royal mail office to recover letters and pay excess fees.
From now on your undelivered letters will remain at the royal mail office in Magherafelt.
Name: Brian Bigmore
Getting jittery!!! Think this might be the year Speedy actually catches a fish lol
Name: seamus devlin
lads,anyone intersted in kepping fit there is extreme circuits in meadow bank magherafelt wednesday evenings 7.30-8.45 good work out and a bit of crack,only 3.50 men only
Name: Jack Chapman - Memberships
All members renewing their membership please note the renewal fees on the previous message.
There is a delay in getting out some cards because not enough fees are being sent.
Thanks for your help in sending the right fees to speed up the process.
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