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Name: Jack Chapman - Memberships
I will start sending out club cards, for those renewals I have received, on the weekend of 4th/5th February. Please remember to send an SAE with your fees for return of your card.
Renewal fees are -
Full member - £35.00
Associate member - £43.00
Pensioner member - £5.00
Junior (under 16) - £3.00
Junior (16 to 18) - £7.00
After 31st March add £10.00 to above fees except for juniors.
Name: paul fulton
i would just like to say thankyou for the club members that came to the meeting today at curran bridge and to philip for organiseing the meetin with the river agencey, so we could understand why the work is going on and the reason for it, so hopefully our river wont change to much and a good season ahead, tight lines to all for the new season ahead of us thanks again.
Name: Atlantic salmon
Atlantic salmon, known scientifically as Salmo salar, is a species of fish in the family Salmonidae, which is found in the northern Atlantic Ocean and in rivers that flow into the north Atlantic and (due to human introduction) the north Pacific.
It is also commercially known as Bay Salmon, Black Salmon, Caplin-scull Salmon, Fiddler, Grilse, Grilt, Kelt, Landlocked Salmon, Ouananiche, Outside Salmon, Parr, Sebago Salmon, Silver Salmon, Slink, Smolt, Spring Salmon or simply Winnish.
Name: Chairman
In reply to Paul Fultons comment  14/12/2010 regarding the Rivers Agency work carried out at Curran.
A meeting will take place on Thursday 13/01/11 at 10am with a Rivers Agency representative.
Anyone interested in attending this meeting can come along to The Old Bridge at Curran on Thursday at 10 am

See you then

Philip Maguire
Name: Secretary
The next committee meeting will be held on Monday 17th January 2011 in Moyola Football Club at 8pm. This is the last meeting of the present committee before the AGM.
Hopefully the weather won't be against us again.
Happy New Year to all!
Name: paul fulton
i stoped today to look at the river at the old bridge in curran were i live an cudnt beleive wat i saw!!!! the banks of the river are completely destroyed with the work that the water service has been doing, every tree and bush has been ripped out with diggers and the paths along the brew of the bank has been doug away leaving the river bank completely horizontal and unfishable now which is a disgrace, it has left the bank very dangerous because if sumone slides down the bank there is no way back up it again and sumone will drown because of it, it makes no sense why they are doin it, if this keeps on happening our river will be destroyed, it looks like a drain now not a river. i also herd more work is going to be done up here which will further destroy the river here, ive been in the moyola fishing club a very long time and would ask for sumone in the committee to contact me to disscus this matter and cum see the situation for themselfs and see can anything be done about it, as a lover of the river and the nature and wildlife that surrouds it, it breaks my heart to see it being destroyed so please contact me, my number is 07894528716.
Name: Secretary
Next committee meeting - Monday 20th December, 8pm, Moyola Football Club.
Name: jmckenna
I think that it is natural for members to be interested in electro-fishing data but it might be better to keep information out of the public domain until salmon have naturally spawned in the river. Unfortunately there are those who would be interested to know if there is a big run of salmon so the might subsidise their drink-problem by poaching.
Name: Secretary
Notices regarding the 2011 AGM, to be held on January 26th, have been posted today (Friday 3rd December) - they should be delivered to you soon!
Name: Séamus Brady
Any electrofishing this year lads? Would be interesting to know the results. Why have only the results from 2007 been published on the website?
Name: Philip Maguire
The Dinner was a great success. A big thank you to the Oak Leaf for a lovely meal.
Great turnout of young and old. Great Music and dancing and good craic.
Thanks to all who helped make it a nite to remember.

Name: willy darragh
just to say what a great night at the oak leaf great food and well supported had to be the best attended dinner yet well done all the prize winners especially to the two philips who now hold the wooden spoon which i was glad to get rid off !!!
Name: Tommy McGrath
On the last day of the season renowned coarse angler Patsy Harkin and myself went to Castledawson  Bridge to try our luck.  We had just parked the car at about 12pm when we met Geordie our club bailiff from Belfast and after half an hour or so and a few tails we managed to get to the river.  We went up to the back of the town which has been fishing well all week when we met the morning shift coming down, Seamie D (no fish and wooden spoon contender) Peter Walls (also no fish) and Ciaran Bradley who had returned a fish earlier in the morning.  After a few stories and ¾ of an hour or so later we moved on a bit more only to meet the chairman himself up to his oxters with a spinning rod and had to be home for his dinner at 1pm.  Another 15minutes with Philip before a fly was wet.  Patsy was spinning.  Got a wee dollaghan about 2lb after 20minutes and that was that until about 3pm.  And having to share my lunch with Patsy we headed off again.  WE met vice chairman Philip Bradley, had a yarn with him and then started to fish again.  About 3.30pm I hooked a wee salmon about 4lb above the factory hole.  Gave Patsy and Philip a shout, I gave Philip the net as Patsy (still in the running for the spoon) was trying his best for me to lose the fish but it was well hooked.  Philip netted the hen fish and with a good pair of tweezers we had the fly out in no time.  A few photos and my first salmon for 3 years was returned.  A lady was watching from the pad above and asked why I had put the fish back – Patsy explained the rules of not keeping the salmon in the last month of October.  Patsy reminded me that he had just fished this spot before me in a few choice words and left shortly after that...... haven’t seen him since!!!! P.S. he did the same thing to me 2 years ago!!! Fished on down to the old railway bridge where I met young Joseph Spiers fishing the pump house pool.  Unfortunately he had missed a fish which would have made his last day off the season as good as mine.  Tight Lines
Name: patsyh
Late Late Salmon ….Ends Angler’s 3 Year Famine
(I omit his name, to avoid his………fame)
During the closing day, 2000 and ten,
A Moyola angler cast again and again,
Presenting his flies, seemingly hopeless,
Not a single salmon taking any notice.
A comrade’s success near the golfer’s that day,
Like fuel to a fire, kept him blazing away,
Late afternoon, a wayward cast and amen,
A generous take from a furious little hen.
True to the name she put up a game fight,
But the angler prayed and held on tight,
Skilfully played and coaxed to the bank,
Into his net with good fortune to thank.
To him October meant; her no excuses release,
Just a quick photo to grace the mantelpiece,
Watching her swim away,
I heard him famously say,
“If your flies aren’t in the water, you’ll catch no fish,” cause,
“Three long years I spent on this river,
Three long years, not a salmon at all,
Three long years I spent on this river,
Dodging the spoon at the fisherman’s ball.
But , I cast out again, I reeled in again
Searched my fly box again,
Scratched my…… …head again,
Changed the cast again,
Waded back out again,
Started all over again,
Again and again…..for…,
Three long years I spent on this river,
Three long years, not a salmon at all,
Three long years I spent on this river,
Now I can dance at the fisherman’s ball!”

Name: ciaran bradley
Well done micky,i knew you would make it onto the big screen some day,were next HOLLYWOOD?.
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