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Name: Competition secretary.
Monday is the start of our evening competitions with The McCracken Cup up for grabs,it starts at 7.00 pm and is over at 10.00 pm.After six competitions lasted years junior champion Andrew Rainey is the leader on 32 points, nexted is Wesley McClenaghan on 26 points, Tommy McCrath is on 22 points, Brian Bigmore is on 20 points, Philip Maguire, Jonny Hurl,Patsy Harkin and Seamus Donnelly are all on 18 points. Our best junior is Jordan Young on 18 points,and James Brunton is on 10 points.with this good weather we should see a bit more fly life on the water.Tight Lines.
Name: Competition secretary.
Winners of the Moyola Angling Clubs away trip to Fermanagh at the weekend,for best shore angler and winners of The Watterson Cup,in first place was Wesley McClenaghan, in second place was Paul Fulton, and in third place was Barny McNicholl. The Martin O Neill memorial Cup for Best boat angler was Tommy McGrath,in Second place was Seamus Donnelly, and in third place was Philip Maguire. The  Winner of the Francis Loane Memorial Trophy for the heaviest fish at 39oz was Seamus Donnelly, in second place was Philip Maguire with a trout at 34oz,and in third place was Michael Brunton with a trout at 24oz. Winner of the Meet at Regan Junior Cup was James Brunton. Winners of the pairs competition was Barny McNicholl and Tommy McGrath.A total of 116 was caught over the to days, with most anglers catching fish. Patsy McCann,John McCombe,Tanya & Rusty Steele, and Stanley Aspinall all reserved Mars Bars for there effects on Saturday. And Patsy Harkin got a Mars Bar for all his failed attempts on the Sunday. A big thanks to Bernie and Philip, and Seamie D for all there help over the weekend. Another good weekend with plenty of craic. Tight Lines.
Name: Competition secretary
Last weeks winner of the Diamond Service Station Cup Barry Diamond is on 10" Trout for this Saturday competition the Ciaran Duffin Memorial Cup.Joey ONeill was a close second to Barry and will be pushing hard for a first place before he goes back to Scotland. Third place last week was last years junior winner Andrew Rainey who will be pushing hard with the seniors this season. The weather seems to be good for Saturday so I hope to see a good few angles out for this competition. Tight Lines.
Name: Competition secretary.
This Saturday sees the start of the Moyola's first angling club competition of the season,The Diamond service Station cup starting at 10.30am at the Castledawson road bridge, Hopefully the water will be down a bit more to suit the Fly Angler. Anyone wishing to go on our away trip to Fermanagh on the 29th & 30th of April must have there names & money in by the next meeting,The cost is £50.00.The next meeting is on Monday the 20th of March in Tobermore club room. So hope to see a good turnout on Saturday. Tight Lines. T Mac.
Name: Competition secretary report for 2016.
Senior attendants at competitions was much the same as last season, and our juniors were up by a third on last season. The Trout catch was also well up. The heaviest Trout of 1lb 3oz was caught by Stanley Aspinal,The heaviest Dollaghan was caught by junior angler Adam Richie. Andrew Rainey was best junior sports person of the season. Wesley McClenaghan was best senior sports person of the season, Wesley also won the best swimmer award. The best overall bag of fish of the season went to Paul Fulton. The conservation award went to Rodney Kerr. The merit award winner was Philip Maguire and the Wooden spoon award for not catching a Salmon last season went to Joseph Spiers. Our annual charity competition and B.B.Q raised £440- down on last year, soft drinks where supplied by Newbridge stores & Vivo store in Castledawson also a big thanks to Theresa Bigmore for coming in at the last minute and cooking our B.B.Q. The money raised went to Cancer UK and Down's Syndrome. The Moyola club joined up with the MidUlster angling club for an open competition at Lough Fea.The money raised was for the charity Charis and a total of £630-was raised,whitch was down on last year. A big thanks to Robert Paul for helping me organise this competition .We also held a charity competition on Bradley's lake in Tobermore the day after our very successful open day and raised £360- for Charis. Our two weekends away trips turned out very successful once again, and a big thanks once again to Philip Maguire for all his help throughout the year, and especially on our away trips.I would like to thank my outgoing assistant competition secretary Ruth Arrell for all her help over the last two seasons. I am back in for another year, so hope things go as well as last season.Seamus Donnelly & Wesley McClenaghan are my assistants this season. I was disappointed with the turnout at our A.G.M as a lot of effort by the committee & money had been spent in organising this. Tight Lines to everyone for the incoming season.

T Mac
Name: Competition Secretary
The last competition on the Moyola this season The Gerard McLarnon Memorial Cup fished for last Saturday was won by Paul Fulton on the worm,in second place was Joey O Neill on the worm, and in third place was Anthony O Hagan on  the spinner. Winner of the heaviest Brown Trout for the season was Stanley Aspinall with a Trout at 1lb 3oz, Winner of the heaviest Dollaghan at 4lb was Adam Richie. The senior league was won by Wesley McClenaghan, and the winner of the junior league was Andrew Rainey,well done to these guys.There is still a few trophies to be handed back,if you can bring them with you to our club meeting on Monday night.Next advent up for the club is our prize giving night which is on the 25th of November.
Name: Competition Secretary
Winner of the Heron Bros Cup last Saturday was Wesley McClenaghan, which means Wesley is the winner of the Moyola Angling clubs League, and he still had one more competition to go, so well done to Wesley, in second place in the Heron Bros cup was Anthony O Hagan, and in third place was Paul Fulton,all were using the spinner. Second place in the league is not decided yet, with Stanley Aspinall on 86 points & And last years winner Brian Bigmore is on 80 points. Our best junior was Andrew Rainey on spinner.fellowed by Robert McClean, and Jordan Young on spinner. This makes Andrew Rainey the Moyola junior league champion for 2016, so well done to Andrew, runner up was Jordan Young. Our last competition of the season is thr Gerard Mc Larnon Memoriol Cup which is on Saturday the 8th of October,so hope to see a good turnout that day.There is still the heaviest Trout and the heaviest Dollaghan to go for yet,Stanley Aspinall has the heaviest Trout at 1lb 3oz so far, and Adam Richie has the heaviest Dollaghan at 4lb. It's the time again to collect Trophys,so you please bring them along to the next competition or meeting thank you. Tight Lines.
Name: Competition Secretary.The Ha
The Harold Hueston Cup,and the Christine Grey Cup was fished for last Saturday on the Moyola and in first place in the senior cup was Stanley Aspinall with a good bag of Trout on the worm,and in Second place was Antony OHagan on Spinner, and in third place was Paul Fulton on both worm & spinner. Winner of the Christine Grey junior Cup was Jordan Young on both worm & spinner,in Second place was Adam Richie on Spinner, and in third place was Andrew Rainey. In the junior league Andrew Rainey has 58 points,Jordan Young has 42 points, and on 26 points is Adam Richie.In the senior league Wesley McClenaghan has 94 points,and close on his heals is Stanley Aspinall on 81 points,Stanley is on 11" Trout the next day out, but the form he's in you never know what can happen. Our next competition is The Heron Bros Cup which is on Saturday the 24th of September.
Name: Moyola angling
Dear Members,
Three positions are going to be available on our committee at the annual AGM in January 2017.
The first position is that of secretary.
This job involves attending a club meeting once a month and taking minutes which will be sent out to committee members one week before next meeting, all done by email.
Writing letters to various angling bodies regarding club matters.
Replying to emails daily, This can be club members who want to pay membership, where is best place to fish, where can i buy day tickets etc, All this information is on our website.
Just generally keeping in touch with the Chairman and committee members on a weekly basis.

The second position is that of assistant  secretary.
This post envolves helping the secretary and taking minutes when secretary is unable to attend.
Writing a few letters and generally helping with the day to day running of the club.
The third position is competition secretary.
This job involves organising competitions for the year ahead. We have two away trips every year and you will have to organise a venue, Accommodation in different B & B, Food and a BBQ.
We also have a few charity competitions which need organising, sponsors and prizes for raffles.
At the end of the year all trophy’s have to be collected for the angler who won it the previous year, Cleaned and left into the jeweller  for engraving.
To put your name forward for any of these positions you must have served at least one full year on the committee of Moyola Angling Association.
Name: Competition Secretary
This Saturday the 10th we have the Harold Hueston senior Cup & and the Christine Grey junior cup up for grabs starting at 10.30am on till 5.00pm. The league table has Wesley McClenaghan away out in front on 90 points,and 19 ahead of Stanley Aspinall in second place,so all Wesley needs is around 12 points from the last three competition to win the league. In third place is Brian Bigmore on 70 points,Tommy McGrath has 65 points,Philip Maguire has 63 points,Jonny Hurl has 60 points,Rusty Steele is on 58 points,and Paul Fulton is on 54 points. Our best junior is Andrew Rainey who is on 52 points,and Jordan Young in second place on 32 points. Tight Lines.
Name: Down's Syndrome Association
Dear Members,

The Down's Syndrome Association would like to say a huge thank you to all the members of Moyola Angling Club for the kind donation of £320.00 which Jack Chapman left in with us today (great to see you Jack).

This generous amount will be put to immediate good use on our young people in their upcoming activities.

Congratulations to Tommy on the success of the day and we would like to wish the Club all the best for the future.

Again many thanks for your continued support, it is very much appreciated by us all.

Best Wishes

Fiona Wilson.
Name: Competition Secretary
The Moyola club  had a great weekend away in Fermanagh, with a total of 26 anglers taking part with a total of 107 fish caught and the heaviest at  2lb 1oz. The heaviest bag was won by Brian Bigmore with a total of 17lb 14oz, In second was Ruth Arrell with a total of 16lb 1oz and in third place was Robert Paul with a total of 13lb 4oz. The heaviest fish was won by Robert Paul, In second place was Brian Bigmore and in third place was Sean Henry. Ruth Arrell and Stanley Aspinall were winners of the pairs competition. Our next competition is our open Charity competition this Saturday starting at10.30 at Castledawson road bridge with a BBQ afterwards down at the pump house, so hope to see a good few at this. Up for grabs is the Moyola Charity Cup for seniors and the Francis McAuley Memorial Junior Cup. Tigth Lines.
Name: Brian Bigmore
Big thanks to Tommy for once again organising a great weekend away. A lot goes into this! Thanks to Philip also for all he does
Name: Competition Secretary
Winner of the Maguire Cup last Monday evening and our last evening competition of the season was Philip Maguire with a good bag of trout on lure, In second place was junior angler Andrew Rainey on spinner and in third place was Paul Fulton on spinner. Away out in front in the league on 76 points is Wesley McClenaghan, next on 52 points is Jonny Hurl, Philip Maguire, Tommy McGrath,and Stanley Aspinall are all on 51 points, Brian Bigmore has 47 points, Paul Fulton and Rusty Steele are both on 46 points, so with 6 competition to go Wesley will be hard to catch. Andrew Rainey leads the junior league on 36 points followed by Jordan Young on 32 points and Adam Richie is on 20 points. Our next competition is our away trip to Fermanagh at Mill Lough on the 13 & 14 th of August. Our open day is this Saturday at Bradley's lake and our Charity competition is on Sunday starting at 11.00, also at Bradley's lake,so hope to see a good few at this.Tight lines.
Name: Competition Secretary
Winner of the Colin and Hannah Doherty Memorial Cup was Sean McGlinchey on both fly and worm, in Second place was Wesley McClenaghan on worms,and in Third place was junior angler Jordan Young on the fly so well done Jordan. This result leaves Jordon and Andrew Rainie both on 28 points in the junior league. The last evening competition of the season is the Maguire Cup this Monday starting at 7.00 pm. Just a wee reminder about the Moyola open day at Bradley's lake this Saturday the 30th,with plenty work to do yet.Tight Lines.
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