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Name: Eimhear McClenaghan
Thanks to all the old hands of the Moyola angling for a great night lol, and hope that Tommy isn't doing anything bad with that wooden spoon.
Name: Brian Bigmore
Great night on Friday night, great craic, great food, great company - GREAT CLUB.
Name: Brian Bigmore
On the great Moyola river
where Patsy would sport and play,
those wise and sly aul salmon
would put his head away.
And no matter what he’d throw at them
in deep water or up wee streams,
to catch that clever salmon
for him was just a dream.

When the sun sets over Erin
on the land St Patrick blessed,
McGrath would sneak out late at night
and try his level best.
He’d fish with fly and spinner
in the pale moon light it would gleam,
he’d bust a gut to catch that fish
but no salmon could be seen.

Then there was young Bigmore
so handsome yet so meek,
he only got out for two hours
that salmon for to seek.
His cast was graceful and on the mark
and he watched it swing around,
next thing that bar of silver
was lying on the ground.

And now the season’s closing
I’ll sit and take my pen,
and write a few short phrases
of two frustrated men.
On the third Friday of November
there’ll be lots of nerves no doubt,
young Bigmore thought he might be in
But now he’s fecking OUT!

“Flow on silvery waters
flow on through Ballinascreen,
and may all our great wee salmon spawn
where Moyola’s just a steam”.

Name: philip maguire
Could anyone with Competition Cups please bring them along to our meeting to morrow night in Tobermore.
Tommy needs all these cups in before next weekend.
Name: philip maguire
A spinning rod and reel was found this evening at Bradleys Lake.
You can contact us by private message on facebook or contact us on here.
Name: Competition secretary
Our last competition the Gerard McLarnon Memorial Cup was won by Tommy McGrath on the fly, this puts Tommy into top spot in the league, in 2nd place was junior angler Eimhear McClenaghan which also makes Eimhear junior league champion just piping Joseph Spiers on the last day,well done to Eimhear.In 3rd place was Philip Maguire lure fishing. The league table finished with Tommy McGrath on 90 points,and just missing out on his first league win on 86 points was Brian Bigmore, in 3rd piace was lady angler Ruth Arrell on 80 points well done Ruth, 4th place went to Philip Maguire on 75 points, in 5th place was Stanley Aspinall on 67 points,in 6 th place was Patsy Harkin on 58 points, in 7th place was lasts years winner  Barry Diamond on 57 points, and Wesley McClenaghan finished on 55 points. All in all this was one of the best leagues we have had for a few years. So well done to everyone for making it so enjoyable. In the junior league Eimhear McClenaghan finished on 54 points and lasts years winner Joseph Spiers finishing in 2nd spot on 52 points,so well done to Eimhear and Joseph. Roll on next season. Tight lines.
All these winners will enjoy our dinner and presentation night in the Elk on Friday the 15th November at 8pm
Name: Brian Bigmore
Well done Tommy on being crowned champion for 2013. A hard fought long season. Bring on 2014!!
Name: Competition Secretary
Our last competition this Saturday is the Gerard McLernon memorial trophy and with just 1 point separating Brian Bigmore and Tommy Mcgrath this one is going to the wire on Saturday,Brian is handicaped on 12" Trout and Tommy is on 9"Trout so it is looking good for Tommy,Ruth Arrell is 5 points behind Brian and still has a out side chance so the battle is on to see if the fly angler can over come the worn anglers on the last day.The heaviest Trout competition will also be desided on Saturday, Paul Fulton currently holds this with a Trout at 1lb 1oz. Last years winner of the swiming award was Michail Brunton,Michail has been getting a lot of behind back information from informants so he wont have much bother getting a winner this year.The wooden spoon award is for an angler who fails to catch a Salmon (even Trout  anglers) runs to the end of the season, and last year winner Seamus Donnelly is waiting to hear from a lot of anglers before then Dont rule out Philip Maguire who is lying in 4th place to upset the leader board.
Name: Competition Secretary
The competition report for The Heron Bros Cup, Ist place went to Brian Bigmore on the Fly, this is Brians 3rd win in a row which means he is on 12" Trout going in to the last competition of the season, In 2nd place was Tommy Mcgrath on the Fly, and in 3rd place was junior angler Eimhear McClenaghan this leaves Eimhear just 2 points behind Joseph Spiers in the junior league. Brian moves I points clear at the top ahead of Tommy and 5 points clear of Ruth in 3th place,Philip Maguire missed last weeks competition and ruled himself out of the running. Ruth & Tommy are both on 9" Trout going into the last competition making it very hard for Brian on 12" Trout. Winner of the open day Charity competition at Bradlays Lake last Sunday was Robert Paul with a total of 11lb 11oz, in 2nd place was Paul Fulton with a total of 11lb 7oz, and in 3rd place was Tommy Mcgrath with a total of 8lb 1oz, Tommy also had the heaviest fish at 2lb 13oz, best junior was John McKay with a total of 6lb 4oz. A total of £500. was raised for Charis, so a big thanks to everone for all there help over the weekend and all the weeks  before hand. Anyone who have Trophys from last season could you please bring them along to our next competition or our next club meeting thank you. Our last competition this season is the Gerard McLarnon Memorial Cup is on Saturday the 12th of October. Tight lines.
Name: Brian Bigmore
Just wanted to say how fantastic the open weekend went. My kids had a great time as did their wee cousins. Other kids and their PARENTS who I helped out expressed how impressed they were with the club, the facilities and how welcome they were made feel AND ARE KEEN TO JOIN NEXT YEAR. Bradleys lake is just another example of the fantastic unit we have together but it has to be remembered that is no small order. Particular credit to Philip for his countless hours of dedication in getting the lake ready as well as Mervin and others. To put it simply, this wouldn't happen without them. I only hope it's given the respect it and these men deserve in the weeks to come so that next year we might have a good few well conditioned trout to have a bit of craic with. WELL DONE LADS!!!
Name: philip maguire
A set of keys were left on the NIEA stand at our open day on Saturday.
They are for a nissan car.
I have the keys if you want to contact me.
Name: Competition Secretary
Water conditions were not good today but Brian Bigmore landed some nice Trout to take first place in the harold Hueston Cup, in 2nd place was Philip Maguire,and in joint 3rd place was juniors Eimhear McClenaghan and Andrew Rainey. The league table has Ruth Arrell still on top on 73 points 3 points ahead of Philip Maguire, Tommy Mcgrath is on 69 points, and Brian Bigmore is on 68 points, and with 2 competition to go the title could go to any of these 4 anglers. In the junior league Joseph Spiers is on 44 points with Eimhear McClenaghan hot on his heals on 40 points so this one could go any way. Our next competition The Heron Bros Cup is on the 28th of September. Tight Lines.
Name: Down''s Syndrome Association
The Down''s Syndrome Association would like to thank Jack Chapman and all at Mayola Angling Association for the kind donation of £155.00 which we received recently.  This generous amount will be put to immediate good use on our young people. We understand the amount of time and effort that goes into fundraising events and the continued support of Mayola is very much appreciated by all at the DSA. Thank you so much.  
Name: andrew rainey
I would like to say as a 14 year old that if worm and spinner fishing was banned I would no longer fish in the moyola as I prefer the worm and spinner. I still fish the fly but couldn''t fish just fly because of certain water levels in the river. I also think that it would be the ruination of the club as young and old can''t all fish the fly. See you on the water Andrew
Name: Eimhear Mc Clenaghan
I Eimhear Mc Clenaghan would like to take this opportunity to thank the fishermen who kindly asked about me after i was bitten by the dog on Sunday night, and everyone who phone and help with their support even the doggie warden, thank you all, Eimhear tight lines!!
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