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Name: Jack
Wishing all the Moyola members a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.
Many thanks for all your support over the last number of years I have been looking after the memberships.
Your fees for next year should be sent to Brian Bigmore who will be taking over from me. His address will be on the AGM notice you will be receiving soon.
Tight lines for the new season.
Name: Brian Bigmore
Heard you all had a great night. Sorry I missed it.
Name: Patsy Harkin
Just like to give my thanks to Philip , the club committee and everyone involved in organising  and attending Friday’s annual dinner dance. A good social night as usual.
Name: Jack
Thanks to Philip for organising a great dinner last night. Very good meal..served quickly. A good move going to Elk. Congratulations to all prize winners!
Name: ciaran bradley
Just after hereing,congratulations to micheal okane for passing his g.a.ia course well done micheal.
Name: philip maguire
Ok folks the Dinner is nearly on us,,One week to go. I need to know numbers for Tuesday morning. Anyone wishing to go could they please contact me or any Committee member over the weekend as it is very important that we get an accurate number for the staff at the hotel. All Committee member will know that our meeting is on Monday 12th at Football Club Castledawson 8pm. Mark Horton from the Rivers Trust is coming along to give a talk about us becoming a River Trust.
Name: Brian Bigmore
Well it's the end of another season and I have to say it has been one of the best I can remember. Our river is a credit to all those who have a genuine love for it and continue to offer so much personal time and effort to ensure its continued vitality, from the chair, committee, NSN to even non members who turn up when required and expect nothing in return. May she and her inhabitants run free over the closed season but lets continue to keep a wee eye on her over the next few months. Roll on 2013.
Name: Miranda Rogers
Knockloughrim Primary School would like to thank the following members of the Moyola Angling Club for helping with the Curran Duck Race. Philip Maguire, Joey O'Neil, Willie Darragh, Robert Kerr, Wesley McClenaghan & Barry Gallagher. Your help is much appreciated.
Name: philip maguire
Could we have a bit of help to morrow evening at Curran. There is a Duck Race for Knockloughrim Primary School. We need as many volunteers as possible wit landing nets.
Name: ciaran bradley
Could someone post the date of the next commitee meeting please,thanks ciaran.
The next committe meeting is on the 12th November in Moyola football club Castledawson at 8pm
Name: willy darragh
just a thought but i think ive already had a debate on here about this same issue the fact still remains that the river has a more than healthy stock of wild browns maybe under sized for a big part but without taking any fish out i fear in the long term the fish will get even smaller i would how ever agree that the larger fish should be put back that way  they are there for other anglers to test their skills to catch them as for smaller ones i would encourage a cull on them there is only a certain amount of feeding therefore competing for the same amount of food so therefore more fish = smaller fish
Name: Brian Bigmore
Hi Ciaran, you should come to the next committee meeting and bring your research and rationale forward for discussion so we can get a collective view. Better than on a guest book.
Name: ciaran bradley
Wild brown trout in rivers,on reading a document on this and seeking advice on angling for these fish it was very widely accepted that wild brown trout should not be taken.Instead what i think as a club what we should do is to introduce catch an release on wild brown trout or decrease the bag limit or introduce infertile stocked trout which could be marked to identify them from the wild fish,so when we are pleasure fishing or competition fishing we can take less or no wild fish and take only stocked trout.I hope this could be talked about at the next commitee meeting.We have introduced catch and release for salmon we should look into our wild trout also.Very tight lines ciaran.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition report for the Gerard McLarnon Memorial Cup This was our last competition of the season, in 1st place was Brian Bigmore bait fishing he also grabed the heaviest Dollaghan at 2lb  2oz to lift the Robin  McKnight rose bowl for the first time, in 2nd place was Philip Maguire on the fly , in 3rd place was Rusty Steele with a wee Dollaghan at 1lb 8oz, well done Rusty. The league table finish up with Barry Diamond on 115 points, Philip Maguire on 104, Tommy Mcgrath on 102, Brian Bigmore on 86 points, Patsy Harkin on 68 points, and Stanley Aspinall finishing on 60 points. All in all the competition were very well attended all season with some good Trout throughout the year weighed in. So another season all most over but the way this one went it will not be long before the next one will starts. Tight Lines for the rest of the season.
Name: Brian Bigmore
The end of another years "competitions" for the club but in reality its just a goods days craic and of course bad manners at the weigh in. Just want to say a big thanks to Tommy for another greats years success and well run outings. Also to Philip whos never far behind the scenes taking names and being early with the kettle on etc. Can't wait now until March - if the world hasn't ended before that!!! Tight lines for the last couple of weeks. Have never seen the river so vibrant in my experience and a big thanks to all the club men responsible for this.
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