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Name: Thomas Mc grath
The competition report for the Watterson Cup on Monday evening - the river was low for a change and favoured the fly men this week. There were 16 seniors and 2 juniors out. In first place and with his first win this season fly fishing was Patsy Harkin with a nice bag of Trout but is still well down the leader board.  In 2nd place on the fly was Brian Bigmore just 1oz behind Patsy and in 3rd place and first on the rostrum this season is Seamus Donnelly on the fly. Our best junior was Jason Bateson. The leader board has Philip Maguire on 70 points ,Tommy McGrath on 52 points, Stanley Aspinall on 46 points, Brian Bigmore is up into 4th place on 38 points, Barry Diamond on 36 points Patsy Harkin is up into 6th place on 32 points ,and also doing well is Patsy McCann on 30 points. Our next competition is the T.S.B Challenge Cup on Monday 18th July at 7pm.  The Moyola and The Mid Ulster Angling Club held their annual Charis Charity competition at Lough Fea on Saturday.  Between the 45 anglers and donations we collected 895.00 which was great.  The winner of the T&B O'Kane decorators for the heaviest fish was Mid Ulsters Ted Willis and The winner of the SHJ Joinery Cup for the best bank angler was Moyola's Seamus  Donnelly.  The winner of the Sperrin View Cottages cup was Moyola's Brian Bigmore.  The winner of the Tobermore Concrete Cup for the heaviest overall bag of fish was Mid Ulster angler and chairman Denis Ferguson.  Prizes were donated from Crawfords Fishing Shop in Maghera, George Gourley, Denis Ferguson, Henry Noble, Mark and Paul Henry from Polycolour Paints, Paul Graham's Fishing Shop, Ciaran Bradley, Stanley Aspinall and Antony O'Hagan.  I would like to thank Robert Paul for all his help and also to Valerie Beattie for all her help and all those at Charis that helped put this day together.  See you all next year - Tight lines.
Name: Philip Maguire
I would like to thank Tommy McGrath for organising the Charis Competition at Lough Fea on Saturday.
Also Robert Paul for Helping.
It was a great success raising almost 900.
This event has been organised by Tommy for a few years now and this was the first time i had the opportunity to attend.
The event was well supported by club members who had a bit of luck at the angling and also at the raffle.
I was delighted with the painting donated by Anthony O Hagan which i was lucky to win.
This was my first time to see the Charis House and meet Valerie and her staff who made us very welcome with their tea and scones.
I got insight into the type of work they do for people with Cancer and there families. As a community we all know of a loved one or a family who ar affected by Cancer and appreciate what a great service that Charis and its staff Offer.
once again thanks to everyone who helped in any way.

Name: Membership Officer
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Name: Tommy McGrath
The competition report for the Jack Lennox Cup fished for on Monday evening the 27th June .We had 21 seniors and just 1 junior which was disapointing for them. In first place was Philip Maguire with a 2lb bag of Trout on bait,in 2nd place last time out winner and making a push 3rd place on the leader board is Brian Bigmore with a good Trout of 1lb 5oz on the fly, and in 3rd place and first time in the top 3 this season is Patsy Harkin - well done Patsy. Patsy McCann weighed in another nice Trout again of 15 oz. Jason Bateson  was best junior once again. The leader board has Sebastion Vettel Maguire on 66 points, Fernondo Alonso McGrath on 48 points,Mark Webber Aspinall on 42 points, Lewis Hamilton Diamond on 36 points, amd Felipe Massa Bigmore on 30 points.
Our next competition is the Watterson Cup on Monday evening the 4th July at 7.00pm. The Moyola and Mid Ulster Angling Clubs Charis Charity Competition is this Saturday at Lough Fea from 2.00 to 6.00 and everyone is very welcome.
Tight lines.
Name: Anne McGrath
Bernie & Philip you looked well in Fermanagh. Doing what you do best Bernie. Cooking !!!
Sorry to say that the aforementioned stream was running grey yesterday evening (Tue. 21st June). I have never seen a sign of life in it though the pond in the park itself has sticklebacks, water-hens, ducks and frogs etc. This is only about 10 metres away .
Name: S Donnelly
John we'll look into that. Thanks for the information.
Its good to see people looking out for the river..
Name: jmckenna
There is a stream running along the boundary between Lidl and Polepatrick park/cemetery and it is polluted most of the time. Twice last week I could smell diesel and after any rain it seems to be grey. Maybe the club could ask the authorities to investigate this. I'm afraid that I have very little faith in the pollution hotline.
Name: Philip Maguire
Thank you to all the men who worked very hard on the project to fix the river bank just below the pump house pool on Friday and Saturday.
Robert Kerr who led the team and Gerry Ewing who hired out the plant.
Its great to see people taking such an interest in the river and the enviroment and giving up there time to make these improvements.

Name: andrew
thanks philip.
Name: Philip Maguire
In reply to Andrew,
Yes there has been quite a few Dollaghan caught on the River in the last few weeks,
mostly on the lower river and a few about Tobermore.
Some were caught on Fly and a few Caught on Mepps.


Name: andrew
Just wondering if there is any early dollaghan in the river yet after all the rain we've had over the last week or so?
Name: Andy glendinning
just like to say thanks to all the local lads who helped with the bank work on fri and sat and the main man Rab C .job well done.
Name: chris cassidy
Giant hogweed is growing on both banks of the river. I have seen 10 plants in close proximity near to the bridge at tobermore.I would like to know if the club is aware of this as i havent read any comments in the guestbook so far
Name: Tommy McGrath
The Competition report for the Wilbert Pcikering Cup on Monday evening past.  The river was high again and favoured the bait men but trout were still caught on the fly.  In first place bait fishing was Brian Bigmore with 2lb 12oz with one trout of 1lb in the bag.  this was Brian's first win this season so well done Brian.  
In 2nd place was Phillip Maguire also on bait with 1lb 9oz
And in 3rd place was new angler of the season Wesley McClengahan with 1lb 7oz  - well done Wesley.  
The best junior on the night was Jason Bateson, bait fishing.  
Our president Patsy McCann caught a nice trout on the fly of 13oz.  The leader board is as follows:
Philip Maguire on 56 points
Tommy McGrath on 44 points.
Stanley Aspinall on 38 points
Barry Diamond on 34 points
Brian Bigmore on 22 points and Mervyn Finlay on 18 points.  
Our juniors has Jason Bateson in the lead on 22 points and Joseph Speirs closely behind on 20 points.  
Our next competition is The Jack Lennox Cup on Monday the 27th June at 7pm.  
Tight lines
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