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Name: Competition Sectetary
Saturday sees the start of our competiton season once more,the Diamond service Station is first up andwill start at and finish at 4.00.The river I starting to look good just now so hope to see a few  on Saturday.Tight lines.
Name: ciaran bradley
ok thats grand just wasnt sure bout the ruling,so if i catch a smolt worming have i broking a rule?
No i would say you have not broke a rule,But we will hope this does not happen.
It is very difficult to keep everyone happy Ciaran and we are just piggy in the middle doing our best to try and make sure that things work out for everyone.
Name: ciaran bradley
the no worming stated by dcal before end of june to.protect smolts good call but some are saying that u can still fish worms for trout is this the case?if so how do u stop smolts taking the worm while fishing for trout? or am i mistaken on this ruling can someone please clarify or explain the ways to stop smolts taking our worms,i am dumfounded if u can fish worms for trout and are still catching smolts which we are trying to protect"im confused"!.
The rule is clear, nothing has changed for trout fishing. DCAL are the Government body who made these rules.
We as a club have to try and police them.
Name: Michelle Clarke
After viewing your website to obtain a membership form for my son I enjoyed reading your history section however it would be greatly appreciated if you could amend my grandfather''s surname to "Inglis", as it is misspelt. He was a wonderful man and I have fond memories of him fishing, shooting, playing snooker and racing pigeons. A true gentleman, amazing grandfather who respected all and had a great love of the outdoor life. Many thanks for your great work.
Sorry about the misspelling Michelle i will get that fixed asap.
Name: Brian Bigmore
Can I ask anyone who wants to renew their bailiff cards this year (expire April 2014) to please ensure I get two passport photos no later than Monday night at the meeting. I will be processing the forms early next week.
Name: John Mc Kenna
The stream at Polepatrick was running with oil or deisel yesterday evening at about 5.20. It seemed to be clearing a bit by about 5.40. I didn''t contact anyone as I''ve done this in the past and found the experience frustrating and a waste of time and the problem was likely to have gone by the time the authorities sauntered out to look.
Name: Louise
Are there any fisherman by the name of Johnny or James McCormack from Draperstown by any chance ? I'm hoping to locate them.
Hi Louise send me a message on the email. and i might be able to help you.
Name: Brian Bigmore
Can I ask ALL members who obtain their membership cards by post to please remember to enclose a Stamped Addressed Envelope so that their cards can be returned to them.
Name: Competition Secretary
The Moyola Angling Club recently had their annual dinner and prize giving night in the Elk.  A good night was had by all with plenty of good food, craic and tall stories.  The competition season was one of the closest we have had for a good for few seasons now.  They were all very enjoyable throughout the year.  Barry Diamond won the Diamond Service Station and The Ciaran Duffin Cup.  Tommy McGrath won The Gillies Cup, The Moyola Still Water Cup and The Gearld McLarnon Cup.  Joseph Spiers won the Ulster Bank Junior Cup and The Meet at Regans Junior Cup.  Wesley McClenaghan won the McCracken Cup.  Seamus Donnelly won the Francis O'Loan Memorial Trophy.  Brian Bigmore won the Glenview Perpetual Cup and  The Moyola Charity Competition, The Harold Hueston Cup and The Heron Brothers Cup.  Philip Maguire won the Wilbert Pickering Trophy, The Jack Lennox Cup and TSB Challenge Cup. Ruth Arrell won the Maguire Cup.  Tom Davis won the Martin O'Neill Memorial Cup.  Stanley Aspinal won the Waterson Cup.  Eimhear McClenaghan won the Francis McAuley Memorial Cup.  Robert Paul won the Spectrum Cup and the Ita and Sean Henry Cup.  Paul Fulton won the Gerald Weir Trophy for the heaviest trout of the season.  Brian Bigmore won the Ulster Bank Cup for the heaviest overall bag of fish for the season and also the Robin McKnight Trophy for the heaviest dollaghan of the season.  Philip Maguire won the merit award, Michael Brunton won the conservation award.  Eimhear McClenaghan won the John McCombe award for junior sports person of the year.  The swimming award was won  by Matthew Doyle.  Tommy McGrath was awarded the John McCormack Memorial Award for sports person of the year and senior league winner.  In second place in the league was Brian Bigmore who won the Joey O'Neill award.  The last award of the night was the Wooden Spoon award for someone who didn't catch a salmon all year on the Moyola River.  This was presented by last years worthy winner Seamus Donnelly to Tommy McGrath.  Well done to everyone and especially the ladies who did so well this season.  Our next event is our AGM on the 22nd of January 2014 in Moyola Park Football Club rooms. This is a good place to air your views on last season and bring new ideas for this season.  Everyone is welcome.  Tight lines for 2014
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The N.S.N Cup was held at Craigmore Fishery last Saturday, with over 30 anglers turning up for what turned out to be a good day for fishing and plenty of craic. A big thanks to Willy Darragh for organizing the competition.The Moyola Club did very well by winning 3 of the prizes. AnthonyMcCormack  won the first fish award, Patsy Harkin won the heaviest fish award, nice to see Patsy win something ,Sean Kelly from Omagh won the overall with 13 Trout and the last Trout. And Gregory Scullion won the Mars bar, same as the wooden spoon.Well done to everyone for a good day.Also a big thanks  to Clare from Craigmore Fishery for all her help throughout the day,And also to Ruth  for providing us with  lovely wee buns.Tight Lines.
Name: John Mc Kenna
I am sorry to raise the issue again but the stream in Polepatrick was running battleship grey yesterday evening, (Sunday 15.12.13).It is somewhat rich that anglers are being asked to sacrifice a lot to preserve fish stocks whilst streams are regularly polluted causing incalculable damage. It seems tthat nobody has responsibility for this. The stream in question is utterly without life!
Name: Jack
HO ho ho Happy Christmas from a cold and windy Magherafelt.
Hope Santa is kind to you at Christmas because DCAL haven't been too kind with their proposed new fishing regulations for 2014.
Whatever 2014 brings for you I hope it includes peace and happiness.
Name: Volker
Greetings from the sunny Maldives.A different kind of holiday and fishing.
TL Volker
Jupiter Sunrise Lodge
Name: ciaran bradley
Thats grand,my mistake.thought it was in river works,tight lines for 2014.
Name: ciaran bradley
The work parties along the river are a good idea,but i would leave all work parties till febuary at least as fish are spawning at the minute and what we dont need is people walking over freshly made redds and disturbing fish,i hope everyone can see the point im making this is why we have a closed season,all tje best to all ciaran.
This work party at the weekend Ciaran is to cut bushes and clear up timber that has already been cut.
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