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Competition report. The Diamond Service Station Cup was our first competition of the season, the water levels were a bit low and still very cold.
The weather was too cold for last seasons league winner and runner up, but it was fine for 12 seniors and 3 juniors.
Joey O'Niell once again in the headlines, he did not fall in this time but forgot to bring his fishing rod with him,no one would lend him a rod so he cut one out of a tree and managed to win the competition,Tommy Mc Grath came 2nd with Philip Maguire in 3rd place.
Next competition Joey says he is going to tickle the Trout out.
Our best junior was joseph Spiers with a fine Trout.
Next competition is on the 3rd of April anyone wishing to go to Dunfanaghy.
I need names and money as soon as possible,

Tight lines.
Name: Paul
this website is really good.although i am a member of clady i still find it fascinating
Name: Peadar O'Connell
Great website - very interesting information on hatchery, river protection. pollution etc, etc. As a teacher, I hope i could use this info in the classroom for conservation project, would also be interested in visiting soon [field trip]. who can I contact?
Name: Mickey O' Kane
sorry eric that meant to say ASK for Michaels number in the shop.
or e-mail me for it if you want:
Name: Mickey O' Kane
Eric, when you go into the chemist for your day ticket and for Michael's number and i'll take you around the river, then we'll see if you can out fish an Irish man :D
Name: patsy h
how often do you see people standing in a canoe? I dont think a tight rope walker could manage it- no sympathy from this end ;)
Name: tommy tash
hey its tommy tash and id like to know if theres sea horses in lough neagh
Name: eric jacobs
im known as kingfisher cos im the man that can out fish any irish man
Name: Administrator

If you click on the "day ticket and membership" pane on the left of the page you can find all the day ticket distributors.
Your nearest one will be O'Kanes chemist in Draperstown.

Do they call you the Kingfisher because you catch loads of small fish?

All the best Seamy the Osprey
Name: Seamus Donnelly
We've had an enquiry from the British Olympic swimming team who were wanting to check if joey would be eligable for London in 2012.
They were also willing to give him a bit of training for the high diving event.

Brian. my personal opinion is that Joey should be on top of your list.
Name: brian bigmore
Does that put Joey in contention for a swimming award or does it have to involve club waters or activities?  
Name: willydarragh
just to let you know that joey was on the Balinderry cleaning with Stanley and a few others
A canoe was involved in the events that followed .
Joey was trying to cut branches while standing on the canoe ,needless to say joeys balancing didnt hold up as yes you guest it joey fell in head first
But please dont tell any one i know the secrets safe among our freinds here tight lines for the season hope to get out for a bit of trouting .
Regards Willy
Name: eric jacobs
hey everyone eric here im from south of england but coming over till draperstown in the next few weeks.can you get day tickets for moyola if so where from.many thanks the kingfisher jacobs
Name: Club Secretary
The next committee meeting will be on Monday 15th March at 8pm in Moyola Football Club premises. Minutes will be on their way early next week.
Name: patsy h
was out today and caught 6 little trout up to about 7 inches- at least a start. secret spot so don't ask.!only saw one rise! probably a reflection of the water temperature.
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