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Name: Brian
Hi all. I was wondering how thw river is doing at the moment as i was thinking of giving it a go sometime this week. I was at the Mourne the other day,  no luck with the salmon, no luck with anything come to think of it.
Any way, could do with some good info. Fed up spending money for nothing.
The Jack Lennox Cup On the 22/6/09 was won by  Stephen Brennan 2nd place was Patsy Harkin and 3rd place was Seamus Donnelly. The next competition The Watterson
Cup is on Monday night the 6 /7/09.
Name: Jack Chapman
All committee members should note that there is no meeting in July. The next meeting is on Monday 17th August in Bridge Bar. I'll post a reminder near the time.
Name: seamus donnelly

i caught the trout on a dry klinkhammer size 16 fished on 2lb line.

it is actually quite a big fly.
the fish just sipped it of the surface the way any trout would. have to say it was a great fight though, i was sure he would break my line.
the moyola has plenty of good trout like that, there are quite a few reports from up and down the river of fish over 1lb. long may it last.
Name: kevin okane
dose anyone know how to do a rain dance cant wait to get to the river but need some water please help!!                                                                                                    tight lines
Name: Fergal Doyle
Any pics of Seamus's trout'plus a description of how he caught it ,what fly etc, to give us below average fly anglers a helpfull hint and a bit of heart. thnx
Name: Tommy McGrath
The Wilbert Pickering Cup 8th June 09 was won by Joey O'Neill bait fishing.  2nd place was Seamus Donnelly with a great trout caught on the fly of 1lb 9oz.  The biggest trout in the river competition so far this year. 3rd place went to Philip Maguire who was bait fishing.
The League position after 8 competitions are:
1st Willie Darragh 54 points
2nd Seamus Donnelly 47 "
3rd Tommy McGrath 44 "
Joint 4th place on 34 points is Stanley Aspinall, Joey O'Neill and Philip Maguire.  
Best junior league position is Nathan Young on 44 points and Jason Bateson on 22 points.
The next night time competition is the Jack Lennox Cup on Monday 22nd June at 7pm
Name: Philip Maguire
Competition Results
The Wilbert Pickering Cup 8th June.
1st Joey O Neill 2nd Seamus Donnelly 3rd Philip Maguire.
Seamus had a lovely brown trout at 1lb 9oz. River could do with a good shower of rain, getting very low,
Next competition is the Jack Lennox Cup,
Monday 22nd June at 7.00pm.
Name: Jack Chapman
Committee meeting June - The next meeting will be held on Monday 15th June @ 8pm in Bridge Bar, Castledawson. This is the last meeting until August.
Minutes on their way!
Name: Philip Maguire
Competition results
Glenveiw Perpetual Cup
1st Seamus Donnelly 2nd Philip Maguire 3rd Willie Darragh, Weather conditions were very warm and bright but still some lovely trout caught.
Next competition Monday the 8th June AT 7pm.
Name: Tommy McGrath
Competition winners in Fermanagh 23rd & 24th May
The Moyoal Angling Still Water Cup - 1st Tommy McGrath, 2nd Willie Darragh, 3rd Seamus Donnelly.
The FRancis loane Memorial Trophy - 1st Willie Darragh 8lb 13oz, joint 2nd Patsy McCann & Tommy McGrath 1lb 11oz and joint third Pauric Henry & Patsy Harkin 1lb 9oz.
The Meet at Regans Junior Cup - 1st Nathan Young.
League Position to date - 1st Willie Darragh -43, 2nd Tommy McGrath - 36, 3rd Stanley Aspinall - 30, 4th Seamus Donnelly - 28, 5th Joey O'Neill - 24 and 6th Philip Maguire - 20 points.
The club is currently looking to invest in some hammocks for next years outing for Peter O' Neill and Francis Loan!!!!  Willie Darragh is going to trade in his boat for a new one with a toilet!!!! Meryvn Findlay is looking for a cheap fish finder!!!!

Name: Seamus Donnelly
thanks to tommy philip and everyone else involved in making the weekend trip to fermanagh a great success.

the venue was fantastic accomadation food and craic was also top class.

the fishing was so good that even sean henry caught fish, although there are rumours of sculldugery about seans fly selection.

well done willie for catching an absolute monster trout.
at 8lb 13oz locals say it is the biggest they have ever seen come of the lake.
Name: ciaran bradley
seamus,sounds like this is getting out of hand i will take a look at this tomorrow,all i know is that there is work under way to sort out the sewage works maybe this has something to do with this,on a same note i was at the back of castledawson on friday and there was several pipes with god knows running out of them and into the river, and this is were gravel has been put in for spawning salmon and dollaghan,this needs to be cleaned up fish that might spawn here there eggs will have little if any chance of surviving.
Name: Sťamus Brady
Following the sewage incident in the Plantin Burn on the 18th it was stopped the next day and cleaned up.  However today (4.20pm) it is worse than ever with sewage not only coming from the same pipe but also gushing up through the ground in at least two places alongside the path through the Plantin.  Once again I reported it and was contacted by Norman Henderson who said he would get it sorted.  Like the last time I have enclosed pics of the mess
Name: willydarragh
hi paul tried to email you regarding club gear your address is not responding could you mail myself at WILLYDARRAGH@GOOGLEMAIL.COM thanks.
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