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Name: philip maguire
Sean if you leave a fish lying on its side for a while it will turn white but there is nothing wrong with it. A trout this early should be great eating.
Name: Sean Osborne
Disappointed, brought the fish out for filleting and he had went white down one side, not good, must have been an auld boy or something, been around too long. No good for eating. Any other explanations?
Name: Sean Osborne
Thanks to the passer by who landed a decent 2lb trout for me today using his net. His timing was perfect, would probably have lost it if he was not there. Must get a new one. Cheers anyway.
Name: Sean Osborne
Dropped a wee cheap net outside Castledawson, it was at the bridge on the main Belfast Road. If anyone finds it let me know. Cheers
Name: Brian Bigmore
Well done once again Tommy McGrath on a well organised Charis charity fishing competition on lough fea yesterday. Good amount of money raised for a very worthwhile cause and plenty of craic along with it. Well done to all the club men who turned up and gave their support.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition winners for the Wilbert Pickering cup fished for on Monday evening the 11th of June. In first place was Barry Diamond bait fishing, in 2nd place was Philip Maguire (lure) fishing, and in 3rd place on the fly was Tommy McGrath, our best junior was Joseph Spiers fly fishing. Barry moves into a 5 point lead over Philip who is on 48 points, myself on 41 points, Patsy is on 38 points and Brian is on 36 points. Our next competition is our annual Charis Charity Open along with the Mid Ulster Angling Club on Saturday the 23rd of June starting time is 2.00 pm and finishing at 6.00pm, After this there are refreshments, raffle and prize giving up at Charis. The competition is being sponsored by Dcal who are stocking the lough with some fine brown trout. Our next club competition, The Jack Lennox Cup is on Monday the 25th of June at 7.00pm. Any one wishing to go on our annual away trip to Fermanagh on the 4th and 5 th of August should give me there names as soon as possible as there are only 20 places this time around. Tight lines.
Name: philip maguire
Duck Race cancelled, River to high.
Name: philip maguire
Is anyone available to attend a Duck Race to morrow evening at Tobermore Bridge at 7pm                                                      Proceeds go to Tobermore Community Projects.
Please let me know if anyone with a landing net and chest waders can attend.
Name: Brian Bigmore
Great to see lovely clean fish in the river so early - surely the efforts of all involved in the no salmon nets campaign have contributed to this. I have never caught a salmon this early before in the season and it's very encouraging. A chance is all these magnificent creatures need to make a come back - great feeling to release them again unharmed.
Well done Brian.
Name: Jack Chapman
Just witnessed the first catch and release of the season at Castledawson. A lovely silver salmon around 4 to 5lb weight caught by Roly Stockman and his grandson.
Congratulations to Roly for his determined effort to revive and release the salmon. It proves that with gentle handling and patience fish can be returned safely.
Name: ciaran bradley
phillip, if this rain keeps up the ducks will be doing some speed down the river,it will be a speedboat and nets we will need not waders and nets,see you sunday ciaran.
Name: philip maguire
Dont forget this Sunday 10th is the open day in the Moyola estate, 2pm to 6pm.. We need all the fly casters and and those who can tie flies to help out as much as possible. There is a duck race so we need a few people to take waders and landing nets.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition report for the Glenview Perpetual Cup fished for on Monday evening, This turned out to be a lovely evening to be on the river the water was very low and should have favoured the fly angler as the trout were showing in great numbers throughout the river, but  once again the (BAIT) men pulled it off again with Barry Diamond and Philip Maguire in joint first place,in 2nd place was Patsy Harkin on the fly, and in 3rd place was Stanlay Aspinall on the fly. It was nice to see two lady anglers Tanya Steele and new member Ruth Arrell in our competition tonight.The leader board is changing all the time, Barry Diamond still in front on 43 points, Philip Maguire moves in to 2nd place on 40 points, myself on 35 points, Patsy Harkin moves into 4th place on 34 points, and Brian Bigmore is on 32 poimts. Our next conpetition the Wilbert Pickering cup is on Monday the 11of June at 7.00pm. There is an open competition at Lough Fea on the 9th of June, also the Mid Ulster and the Moyola angling clubs are holding there anual Charis Charity open on Saturday the 23th of June at Lough Fea both competition start at 2.00pm and finish at 6.00pm, these are good days out and you have a good chance of hooking a big rainbow. Tight lines.
Name: Jack
Happy Birthday Sean!....
I'll transfer you to the pensioner members list for next year. Hope you have many more years of happy fishing.
Name: philip maguire
I would like to say a big thanks to Brian Bigmore and Seamus Donnelly and all others who helped to organise the event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Moyola Angling Association. Brian spoke very well and has a great memory. Seamus and Willie cooked the burgers very well which Tommy supplied. It was great to see anglers and their families to gather and an opportunity for people to catch up socially.
Many thanks to Joanne and the committee of Moyola Park Football Club for looking after us so well on the evening.
Thanks to all who made a positive contribution to making the evening a very pleasant one.
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