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Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The Moyola Angling Club held there first evening competiton fo the season  the McCracken Cup lasts week, in first place on the Fly was Stanley Aspinall, in second place was junior angler Joseph Spiers, and in third place was junior angler Eimhear M Clenaghan and senior angler Patsy Harkin. Winner of the Moyola Angling Association Open day charity competition was Brian Bigmore with a bag of 19lb 3 oz,in second place was Robert Paul with a bag of 8lb 1oz ,and in third place as Michael Brunton with a bag of 7lb 6oz. Total of £400- was lifted for Charis.I would like to thank everyone  who helped out in any way over another great weekend for the Moyola club. Our next competition on Monday evening the 26 th on May  is the Glenview Perpetual Cup  so hope to see you all there.
Name: Sean Osborne
Anyone find a wee scoop net at the bridge in Tobermore let me know. Many thanks.
Name: Brian Bigmore
To EVERYBODY who were in any way involved with the successful open day we''''ve just had, I just want to say well done. My kids, their friends and every child there who got a fish on Saturday make it worthwhile, it is times like that when you actually realise why you do bother! Well done all!
Name: Tommy Mcgrath.
The Moyola Club headed to Fermanagh for there first away trip of the season, 22 anglers enjoyed a great weekend where everyone got fish, some more than others.winner of the Martin O'Neill memorial Cup for the best bag of fish over the weekend was Brian Bigmore, in second place was Robert Paul, and in third place was Philip Maguire.Winning of the Francis Loane memorial Cup for the heaviest fish was John McKay and Philip Maguire with a Trout each of 2lb 2 oz, in second place was Robert Paul with Trout at 1lb 15 oz, and in joint third place was Ruth Arrell and Brian Bigmore with Trout at 1lb 12oz each.Winner of the Meat at Regans Junior Cup was John McKay well done. winners of pairs competition for the heaviest overall bag of fish for the weekend was Normon Doherty and Brian Bigmore.A big thanks to Bernie and Philip for all there cooking and help throughout the weekend,thanks to Ruth for bringing four lovely box of buns,and to Moire for all her help over the weekend.Our next competition is our first evening one the McCracken Cup starting at 7.00 pm until 10.00 pm. Our open day is on May 17th and our Charity open competition is on the following day the 18th,Charis is the charity that day so we need a lot of help this Saturday to get the ponds ready for these events, so if your are doing nothing this Saturday from 10.00 am please come along and help out and enjoy the craic.Tight Lines.
Name: Philip Maguire
Anyone who has a bit of spare time this weekend we need a bit of help to get Bradleys Lake ready for our Open day which is on the 17th.
10am Saturday morning.

I would also like to say thanks to Tommy McGrath for organising a great weekend in Fermanagh, everything went like clockwork and the fishing was great.
Name: seamus sweeney
Just a wee reminder of the weekend yet to come
When Moyola men descend on mass to fish and have some fun.
Fermanagh is the place again, Beleek and Derrygonnelly
We’ll fish er hard to win the cup, but not aul Seamus Donnelly.

Ye see Seamus is a biker now – oh not one with all the leather
He peddles round the country roads between the ditch and heather.
But McGrath has got a substitute and he said “to tell the truth”,
“he was just a torture anyway, I’ll share my boat with Ruth”.

It’s sunrise now on Saturday and the lough’s a lovely sight  
Trout rising to the morning dun, the mallard taking flight.
You stretch your arms, take in fresh air, you think you’re all alone
Until snores and farts wreck all the peace, it’s aul Smokey - John McCombe.

Sometime in early morning, maybe 12am or one
John arrives at Kennaghan to beat the rising sun.
He’ll sleep all night in his wee car then get up and roll a fag
Then take a puff and approach the van, with his worn out Lidl’s bag.

“Here Philip there’s some bacon”, as by the table he’ll slide
“Did Theresa make any wheaten? It’s really lovely fried”!
So the pan’s put on, the fry is made, and we try to eat it fast
Before the hungry mob arrive cause we know that it won’t last.

But as sure as hell we’ve just sat down when the first car it pulls up
It’s Patsy McCann driving like a mad man, “ach have ye got a wee spare cup”?
He’ll set down a pack sausages and a lump of soda bread
We’ll fry and fry as more turn up until a dozen or more are fed.

But now the serious part comes round, there’s no such thing as friends
To see who partners who with who, it could destroy your whole weekend.
I think McGrath has got it fixed, as his eyes grow small and beady
He thinks” I’ll draw aul Robert Paul, and make sure Bigmore gets Speedy”!!

The names are drawn, we’re partnered up, and we head out on the lake
Each one with rod and flies galore – but which will the fish take?
Oh wait there is a problem, Sean has got no boat!
But the cries from Speedy are ignored – no one takes him afloat.

Most make a dash for favourite spots while Speedy’s still standin and swearin
And if Robert Paul gets to his spot first, he’ll stand there all day like a heron!
“He’s sure hard till bate”, says wee Stanley to his mate, and Tom just stands and agrees
“Barry is best when the worm is the test, but the fly’ll bring him till his knees”.

Well the craic it is mighty and the banter begins, and the bad manners all start to come out
There’s a roar and a laugh from Budders floating bath, as Mervin just lost his first trout!
“I’ll get him again” and tries hard in vain, as young John gets one, two, then three
And the Budder has four when he gets to the shore, “I think I’ll make Mervin the tea”.
Now Maguire and Bigmore are floating around, always crossing everyone’s drift
If they seen a rod bent then over they went, determined they’ll cause a big rift.
“Away a hell a that!” shouts Stanley and Pat, say’s Philip “don’t worry about Harkin”
“In an hour he’ll be snoring - he finds this lake boring, and his card he’ll be no longer markin”.  

Ach I could go on all day but now I’ll just say, good luck and tight lines to you all
Come rain, hail or shine we’ll have a great time, and maybe Mervin will catch something small.
And on Sunday lunchtime some will smile some will whine, some will eat 3 burgers cause they’re greedy
“Who’s in the lead”? we ask as we feed, “I know something, it’s definitely NOT SPEEDY”!!
Name: Jack Chapman
John the latest application for a turbine on the Glengomna water was made on 3rd April. The details are available for viewing on the Planning website -
To my knowledge this is the second application for a turbine on a tributary of the Moyola system.
Name: John Mc Kenna
I think the Club would need to be sure to watch out for hydro-scheme applications on our system. There may be need to challenge some projects as there is sometimes environmental damage done when they occur.
Name: Competition Secretary
The Moyola club held there third competiton of the season on the 12th of April where is the time going.Winner of the Ghillies cup for the seniors was Barry Diamond on the worm, second place went to Tommy Mcgrath on the Fly ,and in third place was Denvir Fleming on the Fly, well done to Denvir on only his second competiton start.The Ulster Bank junior Cup was won by Cormac Rice bait fishing,in second place was Joseph Spiers on the fly,and in third place was Eimhear McClenaghan bait fishing. Our next competiton the Martin O Neill Memorial cup ,the Francis Loane  Memorial Cup and the Meet at Regan Junior Cup will be fished for on our away trip to Fermanagh  on the 3&4 of May.Anyone going to Fermanagh will need a Dcal License. A big congralulations to Joseph Spiers and Matthew Doyle who were on the Ulster U20 Fly fishing youth Interprovincial Team by beating Munster by 75 trout to 62 trout well done lads. Tight Lines.
Name: Competition Secretary.
The Moyola club held their second competition last Saturday,the Ciaran Duffin Memorial Cup was up for grabs. In first place was last years winner Barry Diamond on the worm, he had 3 nice trout over 12", in second place was Brian Bigmore bait fishing, and in third place was Tommy Mcgrath on the fly.Next Saturday the 12th of April we have the Ghillies Cup for seniors and the Ulster Bank Cup for the Juniors, so we hope to see a few more out for this one. Anyone going on our away trip to Fermanagh  on the 3 rd and 4th of May could you bring the money around £50  to me on Saturday please .Dont forget about our Texas Hold'em this Friday night in The Old Thatch Inn starting time is 9.00pm. Tight lines.
Name: Competition Secretary.
Our second competiton the Ciaran  Duffin Memorial Cup this Saturday starting at 10.30.and finishing at 4.30.  anyone wishing to go on our away trip to Fermanagh, can they let me know as soon as possible, there are10 spaces left.
Name: kevin okane
no definitely cut and floating downstream and gathering around forgetown bridge
Ok we will check this out Kevin,Thanks for your info.
Name: kevin okane
seen a lot of fresh cut branches around forgetown bridge just hope no one is destroying a beautiful part of the river!!!!
could they have been dumped in.
Name: kevin okane
is there anyone cutting (trimming) branches around the forgetown bridge area
we have not heard from any club members doing any work in this area Kevin,is there any problem.        
Name: Tommy Mcgrath.
The Moyola Angling club held there first competiton of  the season, The Diamond Service Cup was up for grabs, With a good out of 17 seniors and 6 juniors it turned out to be a good day for March. Joey ONeill took first place with  a bag of 2lb 3oz, on both fly and worm, in second place was Barry Diamond with 1lb 6oz on worm,and in third was Philip Maguire with 1lb 3oz lure fishing. Best juniors were Eimhear McClenaghan  and  Andrew Rainey with 13oz each Our next competition  the Ciaran Duffin Memorial Cup  is on the 29th of March  so Hope  to have a good turnout for this one .
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