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Name: Tommy McGrath
The report for the Willowbreeze charity competition last Saturday, conditions were good for a change and suited both fly and bait anglers.  There was a very good turn out for this competition.  The winners of the bait competition was 1st Barry Diamond, 2nd place was Philip Maguire who also won the heaviest fish competition, 3rd place was Danny Sweeny and in 4th place was Stanley Aspinall.  In the fly competition 1st place was Seamus Donnelly, 2nd place was Tommy McGrath, 3rd place was Gregory Dunseith and 4th place was Anthony O'Hagan.  Our junior competition was won by John McKAy and in 2nd place was Nathan Steele.  
Our prizes were donated by Bradall Fishing Tackle, Moyola Angling Association, Hueston Tackle, Tommy Chada, Temple Springs Fishery, Inflatables NI, Darren Fullerton and  T McClenghan Butchers.
Our next competition is the Glenview Perpetual Cup on Monday 28th May.
Tight Lines
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition report for The McCracken Cup fished for on Monday the 14th of May. They say never cast a clout till May is out... well I think they were not far wrong as this was a very cold night for the middle of May.  The water started to rise and this suited the worm men and in 1st place was Philip Maguire on the worm he said he could not spin as he had a very sore arm! In 2nd place was Patsy Harkin normally on the fly but opted for the spinner this time, and 3rd place was Andy Glendinning on the fly . Our junior competition The Meet at Regans junior cup was won by John Mckay and in jointed 2nd place was Joseph Spiers and Stephen Ewing. The league table is starting to tighten up at the top and hanging on by 1 point is Barry Diamond on 33 points, myself on 32 points, Philip Maguire moves up to 3rd spot on 30 points and close behind Philip on 28 points is Brian Bigmore and making good progress up the board on 26 points is Patsy Harkin. Our best junior is Joseph Spiers on 22 points  next is John Mckay on 18 points. Our next competition is the Glenview Perpetual Cup on Monday the 28th of May starting at 7.00 pm.
Tight lines.
Name: Jack Chapman
New bailiff warrant cards and associated recording books will be handed out at the next meeting on Monday 21st May. Please come along to the meeting to get yours. If you cannot attend please contact me to arrange to have them collected from me.
Name: patsy harkin
Fergal ,
All being well I will be there on the 19th may,  

Name: Fergal Diamond
The prize donators for the open competition on the moyola Saturday 19th may are Moyola angling association , Darren Fullerton , Braddles of Belfast ,Springvale fishery , Temple springs fishery , Huestons,Eoin fairgrieve, Tommy chada, inflatables NI,Trevor mc Cleanaghan . There is prizes for heaviest fish 1st place up to 6th and also 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the juniors , the raffle for the rod and reel from Braddles of Belfast and the years membership for the moyola angling club will be made AFTER the weigh in , the sign in is at 10am and weigh in at 5pm. Any adults wanting to take part must hold a rod licence,entrance fee is a donation so please give what you can. All children MUST be supervised by an adult! All money raised will be given to the children's heartbeat trust ,so hopefully see you there
Name: Micky
Willie com on lad wad u do
Name: Dunfanaghy Dribbler
Time to confess Willie - what did happen in Philip's camper?
Name: kenny
by the way willie what did u do inside philips camper?
Name: The Donegal reporter
The Moyola angling club traveled to Dunfanaghy last weekend for there annual weekend away, There was not a lot of excitement all weekend other than Philips camper wanting to stay in Dunfanaghy. Some of the more experienced anglers opted for the easy option of Portlake (Brian, Mervyn, Patsy,Philip,Adrian, Francis and wee John) but this failed big mistake lads.To many anglers to mention that draw blanks ok then Sean, Mervyn, Seamus, Tom, Stanlay,Robert,Barry,Francis, wee John, Big Jack,Patsy Mc, Patsy H, John Mc and Philip. Patsy Harkin lost his concentration and 4 maybe 6 points for showing off and lost his only fish of the weekend. Robert Paul is still climbing trees must give him some flies next time out, He is getting to old for that carry on. Last time out Christy Gilmore was seen walking on water but this time another miracle he caught the biggest fish of the weekend, he also said he lost an even bigger one, pull the other one Christy. Barry Diamond lost a bit of ground on the leader board hanging on by a point, should have brought some worms with you Barry. Willie made a bit of ground on the leader board by winning the heaviest bag of fish and 2nd in the heaviest fish, he is now in joint place with Philip.Willie is also bared from sleeping in Philips camper (ever again ) so im told.A big thanks to Bernie and Philip for the great dinner on Saturday evening and to Bernie and Willie and Seamie D for the BBQ on Sunday . Other than the fishing the craic was still great so looking forward to next year already. Tight lines.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition report for The Martin ONeill Memorial Cup and The Francis Loane Memorial Cup fished for last weeken at Dunfanaghy. The fishing was hard and few fish were caught but Christ Gillmore winning his first competition The Francis Loane Cup for the heaviest Trout of 1lb 10oz well done Christy, in 2nd place was Willie Darragh with a  Trout of 1lb 7oz, and in 3rd place was Tommy Mcgrath with a Trout of 15oz, winner of the Martin ONeill Cup for the heaviest bag of trout was Willie Darragh, in 2nd place was Christy Gillmore, and in 3rd place was Tommy Mcgrath. The Meet at Regans junior cup was not won so this will be fished for on the 14th of May along with the McCracken Cup, this is our first evening competition which starts at 7.00pm at Castledawson bridge.Tight lines.
Name: Jack Chapman
I have today checked the NI Planning website and on 19th April the planning application to build a water turbine on the Dunlogan River was approved. The club made written objections, on two occassions, to the erection of the turbine but, despite this, approval has been granted.
Name: philip maguire
Another good weekends craic in Dunfanaghy, Fishing totally crap.
Although a couple of nice fish were caught. Thanks to Tommy for all the organising.
The Ladies for all the we cups of tea.

We got very sad news today.
Anne Donnelly mother of Seamus Donnelly passed away this morning,                          The Funeral For Anne will take place on Wed morning for 11am Mass in Magherafelt.
Deepest Sympathy to Seamus and all his family.
Name: patsy harkin
Our Away Trips

What do I most look forward too?

Is it?

The views, cuckoos and curlews,
The lakes, mis-takes and backaches,
The rainy skies, white lies and useless flies,
The reviews, woos and abuse,
The puzzled looks when hearing the rules.

No, its

The tub, the scrub, the grub and the pub.
A little guitar and a big jar!
Name: Brian Bigmore
Tommy? Any idea's? RSVP
Name: Brian Bigmore
Thanks for the info John. Sounds like a good 6th dropper fly with a wee team of wets and bumbles.
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