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Name: willy darragh
the moyola angling have aquired 2 complementry tickets for the maine angling club for this season anyone in our club can use them they can be collected from my self with some notice
Name: Philip Maguire
The Competition today was won by Jonathan Dorrity  2nd  Paul  Scullion  3rd Anthony O Hagan.
Best Junior was John McKay.
And as usual there was a good turnout of 29.
Next competition is the first of the nite ones on Monday 11th May at 7.00 pm
Name: Seamus Donnelly
John i have heard whimpers of some one using power bait at the ponds, again this was an adult.
we are currently in the process of having  sign made to highlight the club rules at the ponds.
can i ask anyone who sees this sort of behaviour to either mention to a club baliff, or indeed the individual involved.
As for the issue of the rainbow trout.
the pond was originally devoloped mainly for the benifit of learning young people to fish/fly fish.
at our first open day where we had over 300 brown trout in the pond,and 115 children in attenance. the total catch was 6 trout.
the decision was made to try rainbows for the second open day where we had 50 children attending with over 50 trout being banked.
looking on the bright side of things, a lot of the youth and adults who were keeping every thing they caught last year are now returning their quarry which has meant that we all still have a good chance of catching fish which were stocked last season.
just to finish on the point of over winter fishing. as there is still a good head of brown trout in the ponds this will mean that the season will end on october 31st
Name: ciaran bradley
Hello john, responding to what you saw at the ponds with people using maggots,they are illegal to use for trout and the people who are doing this have no respect for there fish and should if caught have there club card removed,these people are not anglers.
Name: Mark McKenna
Stevie I was very interested to hear about your sighting of a salmon so early in the season, which part of the river did you see it in
Name: John Mc Kenna
I,m pretty sure that there are rules and regulations for the proper use of the ponds at Tobermore but I suggest that prominent display of these might be a good idea. I was recently there and witnessed anglers using maggots both as bait and groundbait! These were not children. I was of the opinion that use of grounbait/maggots was prohibited in a game fishery and i assumed that the pond came under this heading. I would also have to register my disapproval of the introduction of rainbow trout into the ponds which I believe has happened. Good luck with the policing of the facility especiallyafter October 31 when there will be all year round fish to angle for.
Name: Mickey McGlade
Here's a great new website - which gives details and info on all the salmon rivers of Ireland. The Moyola is on it too.
Name: Steve Shaw
Just returned from fishing the Moyola today for trout on a day ticket. Caught a few beauties up to a pound at the bridge about a mile from Castledawson roundabout, when I spotted a clean salmon rising. It showed 3 times in about 10 mins, was about 7-8lb. Are there springers in this river - wish I'd had shrimp flies. Super site.
Steve, there is always one or two early fish about. Thanks for the post, hopefully it's a good omen for the season ahead.
Name: Damien Murtagh
Was fishing the river up at the forgetown to day 10/4/09 and found small hammer as we call in the trade a toffe pounder was there anyone fishing or working around the river that lossed one. if so post on here and i will get in touch,
Name: ciaran bradley
Just wondering is there any progress with the signs ,we need to get these up at points along the river ie bridges etc.Another point is that the dumping of black sillage covers into the river is getting out of hand,if we get these signs up it might make them think twice ,be glad to here anyones comment on this,TIGHT LINES TO ALL.
Name: ciaran bradley
Out on the river today,river in great order wee bit coloured,12 trout all in great shape 8 fish were 9inch to 11inch all caught on nymphs and leaded bugs fished high sticking and deep.This is three visits to the river so far this season and it is fishing its head off.
Name: Mickey McGlade
Fairplay to Seamie D on his choice for April fly of the month. Caught a couple of half pounders, as well as a dozen smaller trout on the Snipe and Purple variant of the Blue Dun. Maybe he'll reveal his top trout spots on the Moyola some day...
Name: William Morton
Just writing for concern about the polution at castledawson between the bridges in the banner and the one you pass through by Riverside. Their is various pipes spewing liquid into the river and cannot be healthy.
Name: kevin okane
l was up fishing at the forgetown yesterday evening in a lovely pool and caught my first fish of the year it was such a lovely evening with the birds singing and the water roaring.I was hopeing for more or bigger fish but looking foward to the weekend to get back to the river                                      
tight lines
Name: Pat O'Kane
I fished the Moyola for the first time this year at the weekend at Newbridge and managed to catch what I think is a dollaghan on a nymph, it was just under 2lb. Great website.
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