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Name: Jack
Bailiff cards, for those who submitted photos, are now available from me. These cards are valid for the next 3 years.
You can collect yours or I will bring them to the next meeting on Monday 20th June.
Name: Tommy McGrath
The Competition Report for the Glenview Trophy fished for on Monday evening - conditions were good and favoured both bait and fly anglers.  There were 18 seniors amd 3 juniors out for this competition.  In 1st place was our chairman himself Mr Philip Maguire with 3lb 3oz on bait, in 2nd place was Barry Diamond with 2lb 6oz on bait and one of these fish was 1lb 5oz, the heaviest of the year so far and in 3rd place was our best junior of the night Jason Bateson with 1lb 3 oz on the fly.  So that leaves Philip on 48 points, 8 points ahead of the field at this stage.  Our next competition is this Monday evening 6th June at 7pm.  The Wilbert Pickering Cup is up for grabs on this occasion.  If anyone is interested in a day out tomorrow the Lough Fea Open is on at 2pm.  Tight lines.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition report for the McCracken Cup fished on the 23rd of May. Once again we had another competition in high brown water to high for the fly fisherman so bait was everyones choice.  
We had 17 seniors and 3 juniors out this evening.  
In first place was Stanley Aspinal with 3 trout at 1lb 2oz in total, in 2nd place was Tommy McGrath with 2 trout at 13oz and in 3rd place was Phillip Maguire with 1 trout.  
Our best junior was Joseph Spiers with 1 trout.  
Our next competition The Glenview Perpetual Cup is this Monday evening the 30th May at 7pm.  
Lets hope the weather is better for the fly fishermen this time.  The leader board after 6 competitions is as follows: Phillip Maguire 38 points, Tommy McGrath 36 points, Stanley Aspinal 32 points, Barry Diamond 26 points, Willie Darragh & Barney McNicholl 18 points, and Mervyn Finley with 14 points.  Our best junior so far is Joseph Spiers on 14 points and Jason Bateson on 12 points.  
A wee trip down Memory Lane................The McCracken Cup fished on the 20th April 1985 - 1st place on this day was Sean McCormick who was a junior at that time with a 3lb 5oz trout, in 2nd place was his father John McCormick with 1lb 8oz and in 3rd place was John Clarke with a 1lb trout.  Due to adverse weather conditions on Monday we can't really compare with yester years!!!!!!!!
So if your worms are not in the water you can't catch any fish!!!  
Tight lines
Name: The fermanagh Observer
On the seventh day in the month of May
the club once again ventured out,
the destination was Mill Lough in Fermanagh
there’d be great craic and big bags of trout.

With Tommy as our chief organiser
and us assuming he knew what to do,
we tackled up with our rods and our waders
getting ready to catch quite a few.

So the lads were paired up by the luck of the draw
some liked it, but some faces looked pale,
if you got Willie Darragh you stood a good chance
if you got Mervin – history tells its own tale!

Boat partners got engines and oars ready
Speedy’s engine sure to work perfectly well,
but as usual he ignored advice given
and his boat partner was soon going through hell.

The wind had picked up and the trout hid away
and the fishing was getting quite tough,
but at least the boys could keep trying
except Speedy’s ghillie who was now out of puff.

So Saturday’s fishing was a bit hit and miss
but trout were caught by most of the men,
Willie and Speedy (best of friends) were leading the pack –
big Jack had blanked ONCE AGAIN!

On Saturday night we had a wee bite
and a tipple in Philip’s anglers rest,
all except for the cunning aul Speedy
for beating “Darragh” was his number one quest!

He plotted and thought of the years that had gone by
how “jammie” could one person be?
Tomorrow he’d get his revenge at long last
so he made plans with a hot cup of tea.
As for Mervin and Jack they had plans of their own
for Sunday would sure be their day,
they’d know how it felt to finally catch trout
and make sure that none got away.

Well if Saturday was miserable and windy
Sunday was blowing a gale,
but Speedy had borrowed an engine
and Brian felt that he’d got out of jail.

Today was the day to put bad luck at bay
Speedy would conquer and Jack weigh one in,
but alas no wee trout were succumbing  
and Jack’s rod ended up in the bin.

For any young budding anglers out there
some words are important to hear,
don’t check the depth with the tip of your rod
when your partner is in forward gear!

So another weekend was now closing in quick
and the boys had had quite enough
the weather had beaten the morale out of most
but McGrath was in quite a huff.

For believe it or not he was not doing well
his tactics had not done the trick,
even Mervin had got one or two trout today  
if he blanked he’d sure get some stick.

But when the weigh-in finally happened at last
with fishermen soaked and cold to the bone,
Tommy weighed one in but Willie triumphed again
and Speedy’s face was as hard as a stone.

So this August we’ll face the trout once again
and Speedy says he’ll see Willies luck ended,
maybe even Seamie D will be allowed to come this one time
and big Jack will have his rod mended!
Name: Brian Bigmore
Delighted for Paul Young to have finally fulfilled his life-long ambition of meeting the legend that is Tommy 'Baker' McGrath. Great PR for the club!
Name: The Fermanagh Reporter
The competition report for our first weekend away fiished at Mil Lough in Fermanagh.  Fishing was very good on the Saturday but not so good on the Sunday.  There was 18 anglers and a total of 43 fish caught and most of them returned.  Speedy was looking good on the Saturday evening but faded out on the Sunday.  He was also spotted in a boat on his own - hard to believe but buying his own boat now!!! The Francis Loane memorial cup for the heaviest fish was won by Willie Darragh with a trout of 2lb 2 oz, in 2nd place was Barney McNicholl with a trout of 1lb 12oz and in joint 3rd was Sean Henry and Philip Maguire with trout of 1lb 9oz each.  The winner of the Martin O'Neill Memorial Cup was Barney McNicholl with a total of 7lb 4 oz, in 2nd place was Willie Darragh with 6lb 9 oz and in 3rd place was Philip Maguire with 6lb 4 oz.  Well done to Philip.  The winner of the meet at Regans Junior cup was John McKay with a trout of 1lb 2 oz - well done John.  The pairs competition was won by Christie Gilmore and a little help from Willie Darragh.  So well done Christie.  A big thanks to Bernie and Philip for cooking the BBQ and all the cups of tea in between.  We missed Joey, Patsy and Seamie D for the music this time but wee Stanely and Tom filled in on their absents. All in all a good weekends craic for everybody involved.
Our next competition The McCraken Cup is our first evening competition on the 23rd of May starting at 7pm at the Moyola Bridge Castledawson.  Tight lines
Name: Philip Maguire
A great weekend was had by all in Fermanagh.
Thanks to Tommy once again for having everything organised.
Lots of fish caught,even by Mervin.
Speedy had boat trouble as usual,once again Stanley entertained us with the help of Chris and Brian a good old chanter/ even with the help of books still cant get any songs finished lol
After a long discussion it was decided that the jury is still out on Death of James Mc Avoy.

Name: Jack
Thanks to Tommy, Philip, Bernie and all those who attended the weekend in Fermanagh.
Another good two days of craic and friendship. Congratulations to all who featured on the scorecard.
Name: Philip Maguire
Just a few lines to thank you all for your support during my Mothers recent illness and sad passing,
during the wake and at the Funeral.
Your phone calls,texts,cards,visits etc have been very much appreciated by Bernie,myself and the extended Maguire Family.
Many thanks  
Name: Jason Bateson
Yeah got couple of pictures of it before I returned it.
Name: Jack - Memberships
Just a reminder that you should not be fishing the river until you have paid your 2011 fee and have your card. I note from the competition results that some competitors have yet to pay and should not be fishing never mind entering a competition.
Name: Jack Chapman
Well done Jason!
Hope next time you get his big brother.......I'll need to get some tips from you!
Name: patsyh
well done Jason  a 2lb wild brown trout on the fly in April is a fine catch for the Moyola, hope you kept a picture.
Name: philip maguire
Good lad Jason,I hope you took a picture of that Trout before you returned it.?

Name: Jason Bateson
Was fishing at castledawson today and caught a 2lb brown trout on the fly rod.
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