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Name: Jack Chapman
In response to John and Cairan - there is already an application for a turbine on a Moyola tributary - Dunlogan River near Draperstown. You can view the application and any objections at :
Application No: H/2011/0215/F

I check the planning applications each week to see what will affect the Moyola system. You can help by keeping the committee informed of any applications you see or hear of.
Name: Philip Maguire
There is a Charity Duck Race at Curran Bridge on Sat 1st Oct at 1pm.
Proceeds go to Knockloughrim Primary School.
For all of you old enough to remember, the Curran Duck Races used to be a major event on the Mid Ulster sporting calender.
Should be a bit of fun for all...

We would need  a bit of help so as many anglers as possible turn up please.

Name: Ciaran bradley
LOST,a box of salmon/dollaghan flies have been lost down the back of castledawson.If anyone has them/finds them could u please contact me on the guestbook or phone me 02894472137/07907852646.  There is up to 100 patterns in this box some tyed by my son and are of great sentamental value.Thanks ciaran.
Name: ciaran bradley
These hydros seem to be popping up all over the place,i second the administer for no such scheme on the moyola,there is enough barriers in our river without more,we must keep our ears open to hear if anything is planned in our river.Tight lines to all.
Name: john mc kenna
The proposed turbine/turbines for the upper reaches of the Clady system are firstly the concern of Clady Club members but secondly the concern of all anglers as I fear that there will be a domino effect if this is allowed to go ahead. It might be a good idea for local angling concerns to lobby bodies such as the Council to explain why there are such problems with this.It should also be possible to put our points across in the local media. This will put across our objections to the whole idea of turbines rather than have a piecemeal objection process on every individual application.The whole area of renewable energy is surrounded with a barely deserved aura of political correctness and we need to counter this.
here is a link for a hydro crib sheet which gives guidelines on proposed hydro schemes.
The "No Nets" Meeting on Monday night coming may cover this issue also.
Everybody welcome

Name: Administrator
I've just been informed that a planning application for a turbine is in this weeks paper. The application is for the Grillagh River which is under the control of the Clady Angling Club.
The Moyola Angling Club will be opposing any hydro electric scheme on its system..
Name: ciaran bradley
seen quite a few salmon ruinng on wednesday evening,got 2 kept one fish at 5and a half pound.Anyone else getting any post a comment tight lines ciaran.
Name: Seamus Donnelly
Next meeting of the "No to Salmon Nets in Irish Waters" will take place next monday evening 26th sept in Moyola Football Club Castledawson at 7.30 pm.
Anyone who has an opinion on these nets are welcome along.
Clubs from all over the Province will be in attendance.
See you there..
Name: Philip Maguire
Please be aware that as members of the Moyola Angling Association you are not permitted to fish above the Golfers bridge and below the Wood wall in the Moyola Estate.  
It has come to our attention that quite a lot of anglers fish here.
This is breaking a club  rule and will be dealt with at committee level.
This is one of the main stipulations made between Moyola Estates and the Moyola Anglers in Our Lease agreement.

Also any anglers who are caught cutting wire on farmers land will be also be brought before committee.
These are just a few simple rules and we would like anglers to please abide by them.

Name: ciaran bradley
Got a wee fish the day at castledawson bout 3lb coloured cock fish,fish was released, no blue dot on underbelly.Seen a dozen or so fish at the weir most were coloured,there was a few big fish among them.
Name: Seamus Donnelly
Can i remind everyone that some of the Salmon in the river have had radio tags put inside them.
These fish are clearly marked with a blue dot on their underbelly between the front two fins.
These fish should preferebly be released as they form part of a scientific experiment which tracks the salmons migratory path upstream.
However if a fish is killed can you please return the tag, which is a black plastic tube to a committee member.
Thankyou for your co-operation.

Tight Lines
Name: Philip Maguire
Hi John just in reply to your comment.i have been in contact with Rhonda Curry from NIEA on a regular basis and i thought they had addressed this problem.
i have updated her again on reading your comment and she assures me it will be dealt with.
Its good to hear from members like yourself who keep us updated on these pollution issues.

Name: john mckenna
I'm sorry to be boring but the stream at Polepatrick was running grey again this evening-Tuesday 6th. Even the slightest rise in the water brings this colour. In fact I have seen it discoloured recently during a settled spell.Would it be a good idea to bottle it and bring it to Stormont to see if our environment "guardians" would like to drink it?
Cheers for the info John. Your not been boring at all. We believed this problem was solved
Name: ciaran bradley
Creeve house fishing competition is on the 5th of november, limited to the first 8 entries,anyone interested call 07907852646.
Name: Tommy McGrath
The competition report for The Harold Hueston Cup on Saturday 3th of September. There were 15 seniors and 4 juniors out today, conditions were good but the overnight rain was not enough to raise the wter levels.  Most anglers were bait fishing which seemed to work.  In first place with a good bag of trout was Barry Diamond, in second place was Wesley McClenaghan and in third place was lady angler Tanya Steele with a fine dollaghan of 1lb 10oz.  This is the heaviest dollaghan of the season and buts Tanya in the running for the Robin McKnight trophy - so well done Tanya.  Our best junior was Ethan Steele , Tanya's son with 2 nice trout-  well done to Ethan.  Our leader board still has Philip Maguire ahead with 5 points, he is on a total of 96 point.  Closely followed by Tommy McGrath on 91 points, Stanley Aspinal on 76 points, Brian Bigmore and Barry Diamond are both on 66 points, Patsy Harkin on 56 points and Patsy McCann on 44 points.  So it looks like it is between Philip and Tommy in the running for the league.  Our next competition is on Saturday 24th September at 10.30am.  There is also an open competition in Lough Fea on Saturday 10th Septemeber 2pm - 6pm if anyone is interested.  
Tight lines.  
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