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Name: Tommy Mcgrath
Competition report for the clubs away trip to Fermanagh.Another great weekend in Fermanagh A big thank once again to Bernie and Philip for our meal on Saturday and the B.B.Q on the Sunday,and also to  Ruth and Moira for all there help also.Winner of the Moyola still water cup for the heaviest fish was Tommy Mcgrath with a trout at 1lb15oz, in joint 2nd place was Robert Paul and Philip Maguire with trout at 1lb13oz, and in 3rd place was Seamus Donnelly with a trout at 1lb10oz. Winner of the Spectrum Cup for the heaviest bag of Trout was Robert Paul with a total of 12lb11oz, this was Robert first win with the Moyola club, in 2nd place was Brian Bigmore with a total of 8lb9oz, and in 3rd place was Seamus Donnelly with a total of 6lb15oz. Winner of the pairs competition was Robert Paul and Tommy Mcgrath a great pairing. Ruth Arrell still leads the league table on 68 points ,Tommy Mcgrath moves into 2nd place on 66 points, Stanley Aspinall losted a bit of ground at the weekend he is on 59 points,Philip Maguire is moving up the board well he is on 59 points, Brian Bigmore and Barry Diamond are both on 48 points a tall order for these pair at this stage i think, And on 46 points and another (blank) weekend is Patsy Harkin effectivety a bridge to far for Patsy i think.Our next competition is our Charity Competitions this Saturday starting at 10.30am and finishing at 5.00.So hope to see you all there.Tight Lines.
Name: Brian Bigmore
Many thanks once again to Philip and Bernie (and the dreamcaster) for making the weekend such a success. Without their continued support with tea, food and a place to gather the weekends away simply would be the same. Well done Tommy on organising the event and to Speedy for catching 'a fish' over the two days.
Name: philip maguire
I would like to say thank you to Tommy McGrath for organising a great weekend in Fermanagh.
Bernie and I enjoyed all the craic and banter.
Thanks to anyone who helped in any way to make the weekend such a success.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition report for The Maguire Cup on the 29th July. Well done to Ruth Arrell as she wins her first competition on the Moyola river with a nice bag of Trout on the worm, her heaviest Trout was 13oz, this takes Ruth 3 points clear on the league table.In 2nd place was Wesley McClenaghen spinning, and in 3rd place was Barry Diamond on the worm. A good turnout of juniors tonight best of these was Joseph Spiers with 3 nice Trout, next was Eimeir McClenaghan also with 3 Trout, this leaves Joseph on 38 points and Eimeir on 24 points on the junior league table so the girls are doing very well this season lads.Our next competition is our charity competition and B.B.Q which is on Saturday 10th of August starting at 10 30am to 5.OOpm. Our junior charity competition the Francis McAuley Memorial Cup is on the same day. These competitions are open to all club members and non club members on this day.Once again  Cancer Research UK and Down's Syndrome Associalion are the charitys involved again this year,so hope to see you all there. Hopefully this weekends fly only away trip will sort out the bait anglers for a change. Tight Lines.
Name: ciaran bradley
Could someone post here what is going on below tobermore bridge please,and has any of the club balliffs been up to inspect this work,the river has been running very dirty for a few days now ie "suspended solids"could this be coming from these works?also the weir at cadtledawson a few weeks back was "dry"due to work being done was the club or dcal informed of any inriver works .
The club is aware of these works being carried by rivers agency and if any members wish to discuss these issues please attend the August club meeting.
Name: John Mc Kenna
What is going on with the area around Tobermore Bridge?
It might be a practice for the world sandcastle building competition or a ramp for a water skiing course or a training course for tank drivers.Whatever it is there has been a huge amount of shifting around of the river gravel.
I would have to agree with most of what you say John,I got an email on Wed to say they were starting work today Mon22nd. All a total waste of money to please a local resident and doing nothing positive. It would suit them better if they would go down around Castledawson,Newbridge and fix some banks where farmers are losing a lot of their fields.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition report for the T.S.B Challange Cup.In first place was Philip Maguire lure fishing his 3rd win in 4 outing putting Philip on a very high handicap for the rest of the season, in 2nd place was Ruth Arrell with a nice bag of Trout on the worm, and in 3rd place was Stanley Aspinall on the worm, this gives Stanley a 4 point lead over Ruth Arrell and Tommy Mcgrath who are on 48 points each, Philip Maguire is starting to go well now he is on 43 points, and Patsy Harkin who cannot find any form at the moment is hanging in there on 42 points.Our best juniors are Joseph Spiers on 34 points and Eimeir McClenagnan who is on 20 points.Our next competition The Maguire Cup our last evening competition of the season is on 29th of July. Anyone wishing to go on our away trip to Fermanagh on the 3rd & 4th of August I need to know on the 29th along with their fees of 45. Tight Lines.
Name: ciaran bradley
To all,proposals in dcal document about th banning of worm fishing,shrimping and prawning,google the above for more info,interesting!!.
Name: john mc kenna
There is a widely used cure for weed control which is simply to put barley straw inside some sort of mesh and leave in the water. I was talking to a commercial angling facility recently who uses this method. I wonder if it might help with the Tobermore pond.
   John we have looked all the different methods and you are right straw may help.
We have talked to a few commercial fisheries and the only way to deal with this weed is to cut it often. WE are in the process of making a cutter to fit on our boat which should be ready this week and hopefully we will get to the bottom of this annoying problem.        
Name: Brian Bigmore
A fly rod was found on the Newbridge area of the river. Contact me on this site or the Moyola Angling facebook page if it may be yours.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition secretary report for The Watterson Cup. Ist place this week went to Stanley Aspinal on bait, this was Stanleys first win this season which takes him 2 points clear on the league table, in 2nd place was Wesley McClenaghan on bait, and 3rd place was Brian Bigmore lure fishing.For the second competition in a row Eimeir McClenaghan was our best junior on bait.Still very little between the top 8 anglers,Stanley Aspinall is on 46 points,Tommy Mcgrath is on 44 points, Ruth Arrell and Pat harkin are both on 40 points,Barry Diamond is on 38 points,Wesley McClanaghan is on 36 points, Brian Bigmore is on 34 points and Philip Maguire is on 33 points. Our Charis open day with the Mid Ulster angling club was very successful last Saturday with a good turn out from both clubs with a total of 660 raised for Charis. Winner of the Sperrin View Cottages Cup for best boat was Moyola man Kenny Donnelly.Winner of the J & B OKane  Decorators Cup for the heaviest Fish was Moyola man Robert Paul.Winner of the S.H.J Joinery Cup for the best bank was Mid Ulster man John Speers. Winner of the Tobermore Concrete Cup for best over all bag of fish was Mid Ulster man William McGuckin.And best Junior was Moyola man John McKay. Our next competition the T.S.B Challenge Cup is on Monday evening the 15th of July. Tight Lines.
Name: Brian Bigmore
Thanks to Tommy for all his hard work in organising the Charis fundraiser on Lough Fea. Great amount of money raised and well done to all the Moyola men who gave their support for a fantastic cause.
Name: Competition Secretary
The report for The Jack Lennox Cup. For the second competition in a row Philip Maguire takes 1st place lure fishing and takes him just behind the  big boys on the league table.In 2nd place was Tommy McGrath on the fly, and just 1oz behind Tommy in 3rd place (and after a 3rd recount)was Pat Harkin.A good turn out of juniors tonight best of these was Eimear McClenaghan who even done better than her father Wesley.Tommy McGrath is making a move at the top of the league table he is on 40 points 4 clear of joint 2nd place Ruth Arrell,Stanley Aspinall,and Pat Harkin, next on 33 points is Barry Diamond, followed by Philip Maguire on 30 points,Wesley McClenaghan and Brian Bigmore are on 28 points.Our next competition is the Charis Charity competition this Saturday at Lough Fea. And on the Moyola for the Watterson Cup this Monday evening coming. Tight Lines.
Name: philip maguire
Well done Moyola lads, John McKay Mathew Doyle and Joseph Spiers on making the Ulster youth team
Name: Jack Chapman
Frankie Mc Phillips Fishing Tackle
Venue :- The Buttermarket, Enniskillen
Date :- Saturday 29th June 2013

Norbert will be tying his most successful Pike fly patterns and demonstrating how to cast and fish them.

As well as fly fishing from the bank Norbert will be giving a demonstration of fly fishing from a Float Tube.

Fly Tying Demonstrations 10:00 am 1:00 pm
Fly Fishing / Casting / Float Tube Fishing
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Come and learn from a Fly Tying / Fly Fishing Expert
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