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Name: Willy Darragh
without getting into a debate about the weir again these fish were not caught above the weir but well below it and would doubt if they had even had tried to acsend it yet yes i agree that fish do use their tail to dig a redd but the underside of the bellie can also get damage in a lot of cases
tight lines
Name: michael o kane
paddy, ive found that a black fury with yellow spots is very good in dropping water and a plain gold or silver size 3 is good in high water. i think you will get them on most mepps and flying c's as well can be good, a wee black one especially.
Name: michael o kane
willy, you say that the dollaghan you caught were "digging about" and had raw flesh on their bellies. this, i guarantee you is damage caused by the weir and nothing to do with the fish digging at gravel. these fish may be sitting on the rough concrete at the weir for a long while before getting over it, its an absolute disgrace that this happens. dollaghan and salmon dig gravel with their tail for a start and there would also be few if any dollaghan thinking of making a redd yet. this happened a lot of fish that i seen last year, both dollaghan and salmon.
Name: Jack Chapman
The September committee meeting will be held on Monday 21st @ 8pm in Bridge Bar, Castledawson.
The minutes of last meeting will be on their way soon.
Name: paddy mc
can any 1 tell me whats the mepp for dollaghgan
Seamus Donnelly

Most of the Dollaghan are caught on a no. 2 or 3 blue and silver mepp (silver blade with blue spots). But thats probably because most of the anglers on the Moyola use the blue and silver.
Is anyone else willing to share their secret weapon with us???
Name: Seamus Donnelly

Cheers for the advice the other night.
Caught a nice dollaghan this evening on the fly below Castledawson.
Hope this bit of settled weather helps the fishing.

Name: Philip Maguire
just want to say thanks to all who helped out at the ponds on wednesday evening.
we made a good start but it'll still take another couple of evenings to get the place ready for the open day.
we could do with a bit more help, so anyone who can lend a hand please turn up next wednesday evening at 6pm.
Name: willydarragh
i was out for a quick throw this evening [on my way to another job ]wasnt there very long but had 4 lough neagh trout, best 1 1/2 great sport but i noticed 2 of them had been out digging about, there bellies were raw lovelly water heard an unconfirmed report that a silver visiter had been caught around 4lb, not alot of salmon about though i was at the weir yesterday only seen 1 fish albeit water was very heavy, their very late this year hopefully well get the run of fish sooner rather than later !
Name: Seamus Donnelly

i heard this rumour from a few people.
Not sure if there's any truth in it though, but it would certainly explain the lack of fish in our river.
Name: Peter Walls
Is there any truth about a large Russian fishing vessel seen off the irish coastline in recent weeks?.
Name: Philip Maguire
well done Cairan .
Id like you to take me out  some day and learn me how to catch these dollaghan.
Im going to have to get the fly rod out again lol
We mepps not doing  its job for me this Year.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The latest results see Willie Darragh go 5 points ahead of Seamus Donnelly in the League table,Willie has 97 points,Seamus has 92 points,Tommy Mcgrath on 85 points,Philip Maguire 74 points, Stanley Aspinall 66 points, Patsy Harkin 54 points,and Joey O'neill on 51 points.Best junior is Nathan Young on 58 points with John Mckay on 39 points and Jason Bateson on 36 points.
Name: The Harold Hueston Cup
In form angler Tommy Mcgrath took maximun points to make some ground on Willie Darragh who took 2nd place with Seamus Donnelly taking 3rd place.
There were 6 junior anglers out today, and best was John Mc kay who beat his da again.
Mervyn did not way in again.
Our next competition is on Saturday the 3rd of October 10.30am
Name: ciaran bradley
Just in from the river 9pm fishing at the back of the town 3 dollaghan,one at 3lb,2lb and one 1.5lb great sport salmon are very scarce lot of dollaghan moving just at dusk saw a couple of pigs of dollaghan showing one fish easy in double figures,plenty of dollaghan about so best of luck to you all ciaran.
Name: John Mc Kenna
I was wading down the river above the Forgetown last night and I noticed that there is a ridge of sand on the river bed that was not there a couple of weeks ago. This is slightly worrying in that there must be a lot of sediment coming down, over and beyond the normal, during floods. This would not be a good thing regarding spawning beds.
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