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Name: brian bigmore
Name: Club Secretary
The next committee meeting will be held on Monday 19th April @ 8pm in Moyola Football Club. Minutes of the last meeting should be at your 'inbox' or on the way via the postman.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath.
Competition report 3rd April.The Ciaran Duffin Memorial Cup was fished on saturday in very high water and cold conditions. There were 15 seniors 6 juniors out and only 2 fish taken on the worm all day.First place went to junior angler Jason Bateson with a fine 12" Trout,Joey ONeill was in second place with a disputed Trout, there was no 3rd place.Our next competition is on the 17th of April at 10.30am.
Name: Club Secretary
Some members are spending considerable money with Royal Mail to pay for Recorded/Special Delivery when sending their fees to me. Because these letters have to be signed for the postman takes them back to the Royal Mail office when there is no one at home. It can then be several days before I get time to collect them, so the advantage of paying for a special service is wasted. In fact if they are not collected by me in 1 week they are returned to the sender. Simple 1st or 2nd class mail is best.
Name: Club Secretary
Just a reminder that if renewing your membership after next Wednesday (31st March) you need to send me an additional 10.
Name: bennymc
fantastic site chaps,wealth of info must say the club is doing a great job.iv'e fished the river a few times although not in a few years,a beautiful part of the countryside.just wondering how the river has fished from opening season,and of course at your recent club match.was passing tobermore stretch recently and the water looked very low,was going to take a run up this weekend from Belfast any thoughts on how it might fish.cheers Ben.
Hi Benny.
we've had Quite a bit of rain last night, so the river should be good for the weekend.
The weathers getting warmer and this should help the fly Anglers.
Not too many reports of big bags of trout but certainly fish around the half pound being caught.
Name: tucker
great site
Name: jimmy
thanks philip
Name: Philip Maguire
Hi Jimmy - Jim, yes there are fish in
Ponds, some good fish.
you can use any legal method.
we like to encourage catch and release and that way it will keep a few fish in ponds.
It will be stocked again in October for our open day.
Ponds will be closed one week before open day.

Name: jimmy
please could any1 tell me if theres many fish in tobermore ponds?and is it fly only?
Name: Seamus Donnelly
The next fly tying class will be on monday night 22nd March at 7pm in the community house Castledawson.
cost will be 2.50 with hooks and some materials supplied.
This may be the last session for the season as the light evenings are upon us.
If anyone has a particular fly they want to tie let me know and i'll try to get the materials sorted.
Name: Club Secretary
Still less than half the membership have paid this years fees. Please remember no fishing without your permit and if you pay after 31st March the fee will be an additional 10.
The end of March is only 2 weeks away, so there's not much time to save yourself a tenner.
Name: jim
is there any fish in tobermore ponds?
Name: Brian Bigmore
Joey O'Neill is a legend!!!!!!!
Hi Patsy.
my self tied, non rated flies didn't do so bad on saturday,
PS i know your secret spot.
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