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Name: John Mc Kenna
Apparently "someone" has been dumping rubbish in the river at the Forgetown bridge again. I'm told that two trailer loads were put in last week and one was taken away by a flood. I've reported this environmental vandalism to the authorities before and they promised that they would look into it. I think they're maybe as likely to deliver as Santa is of winning the Grand National on Shergar. I'll keep an eye out but it would be helpful if others will do the same.Have we any legal advice as to what to do if we catch the dumper actually at this activity?
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition report for The Maguire Cup on  the 30/7/12. In first place once again was Barry Diamond with a nice bag of trout on the worm, he is going to be hard to stop this season. In 2nd place was Tommy Mcgrath with the first Dollaghan in competition this season of 1lb 12oz on the fly. In 3rd place was Philip Maguire  (lure) fishing, and just behind Philip  was Willie Darragh with our heaviest Trout in competition this season of 15oz on the worm. Enyone going to Fermanagh this weekend will need a 3 day game permit,looking forword to a good weekend s craic and some fishing to. Our next competition is the Moyola Charity competition and B.B.Q., and the Franice McAuley Memorial Junior Cup on Saturday the 11th of August starting at 10.30 and finishing at 5.00. The B.B.Q. is being sponsored once again by The Chippy in Castledawson and Newbridge Stores. Tight Lines.
Name: andy glendinning
Name: paul fulton
i see the river agency are destroying our rivers again with there diggers, y/day the 30th july i saw a digger at the grange river at curran on the tobermore road below hawes farm, i stoped and asked what they were doing and i was told they were just patching the rampers up thet had fell away, i asked them were they going to touch the river itself an they said no just the rampers, but i took a walk down today the 31st and they told lies once again, sum over hangin branches wich gave cover for trout have been cut away wich is leavin no cover now, there is 3 parts wich the digger has taken gravel from the bed and slaped it on the ramper and because of that it has left the river wider in parts  and shallower, they said they definately would not touch the river bed at all but they did wich realy enoys me.
Paul we will have to look into this.We were told they were doing bank protection and fixing the rampers.
Name: philip maguire
Someone has lost a box of flies at the Pump House in Castledawson.If you can describe what your box looks like,Contact Fergal Diamond.
Name: john
hey guys ive lost my membership card will i have to get a new one?
John you can contact Membership Officer and he will explain the procedure.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition report for the T. S. B. Challenge Cup on the 16th of July. Another good turnout of 19 seniors and 2 juniors. The river was in perfect condition for both Fly & bait anglers alike, but once again in first place on the worn was Barry Diamond, in 2nd place was Tommy McGrath on the Fly, and in 3 place was Stanley Aspinal on the Fly, hopefully we can get a few points back on Barry on our Fly fishing (only) weekend in Fermanagh on the 4th & 5th of August.Barry has increased his lead to 15 points over Philip Maguire who is on 64 points, Tommy McGrath is on 55 points, Patsy Harkin is on 48 points, and Brian Bigmore is on 46 points. Our next competition  the Maguire Cup is on the 30th of July this is our last evening outing this season. The Moyola charity competition is now on the 11th of August and not on the 25th of August, all proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK and Down s Syndrome Association. There are still a few places on our weekend away to Fermanagh left. Tight lines.
Name: Membership Officer
When posting your renewals or applications to me please ensure you put the correct postage on the envelope.
A first class stamp is not enough for a large A4 envelope for example.
I no longer intend to go the Post Office to recover letters and pay an additional postage and handling charge. If your envelope does not have the correct postage it will remain at the sorting office and your membership will not be processed.
Many thanks for your co-operation in ensuring your post has the correct postage paid.
Name: Thomas Mcgrath
The competition report for The Watterson Cup fished for on Monday the 2nd of July. Another very good turn out with 4 juniors and 23 seniors turning up. Water conditions once again suited the bait angler following more heavy rain over the weekend. In 1st place (lure) fishing was Philip Maguire, in 2nd place on bait was Wesley McClenaghan well done Wesley, and in 3rd place on bait was Barry Diamond . Our best juniors  were John Mckay on the fly and  Joseph Speirs on bait. Our leader board has Barry Diamond on 69 points, Philip Maguire on 61 points, Tommy Mcgrath on 47 points, Patsy Harkin on 44 points and Brian Bigmore on 32 points. Our best juniors has Joseph Speirs on 30 points, John Mckay on 22 points and Andrew Booth on 18 points. It looks like I am going to have to lower myself and go (bait) fishing if this heavy water continues. Our next competition the T.S.B.Challenge Cup is on Monday evening the 16th of July starting at 7.00 pm. Tight lines.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The competition report for the Jack Lennox Cup on Monday night last.  The water was still running high after all the heavy rain at the weekend which again suited the worm angler . There were 22 seniors and 3 juniors out tonight which is very good for a Monday evening.  In first place and winning his 3rd competition in a row was Barry Diamond bait fishing, in 2nd place and one of our new lady anglers was Ruth Arrell bait fishing well done Ruth, and in 3rd place was Adrain Mckay on the fly.  Our next competition the Watterson Cup is on this Monday evening the 2nd of July  at 7.00pm.  Our annual Charity competition is being brought forward from the 25th of August to the 11th of August. Tight lines.
Name: Barry Gallagher
Got a nice salmon on the fly today at the back of the town and released again about 4lb
Well done Barry
Name: philip maguire
Well done Paul.
Its great to see anglers practicing catch and release to hopefully get our rivers back to what they used to be years ago.
Name: paul fulton
i caught my first salmon of the year this evenin around 8oclock at the picnic area stretch at curran on the worm, pure bar of silver of about 4 to 5lb, cedric lamont an ivor bowman were there to witness me taking hook out carefully reviveing it an she swam away, great feeling to know that one day that fish could produce for fish like itself and this c/r is the best method to do so.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The Moyola and the Mid Ulster Angling Cubs held there annual Charis Charity Competition last Saturday at Lough Fea,we lifted 447.00 for Charis which was down on last year but never the less we had a good day out. Winner of the J.&B O'kane Decorators Cup for the heaviest fish was Tommy Mcgrath, the winner of the S.H.J Joinery Cup for the Best Bank Angler was Denis Ferguson. The winner of the Sperrin View Cottages Cup for the Best Boat Angler and the second year in a row was Brian Bigmore, and the winner of the Tobermore Concrete Cup fpr the best overall bag of fish was George Sloan. A big thank you to the ladys at Charis for providing the refreshments after a hard days fishing, also to Valerie Beattie for organising the poster and  donating some of the prizes, also a big thanks to Robert Paul for all his help.  Prizes were also donated by Denis Ferguson, George Gourley, Stanley Aspinall, Robert Paul,Seamus Donnelly and Charis. Also a big thanks to DCAL. for donating the Brown Trout which were very much appreciated by both Angling Clubs.  Tight lines.
Name: Sean Osborne
Thanks Philip, a bit new to this game only at it a year, was going to throw it out. Tomorrow nights dinner sorted. Cheers
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