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Name: Competition Secretary
Just a wee reminder about the Colin &Hannah Doherty Memorial cup on this Monday evening at 7.00. A nice wee flood on this evening so should be in good shape by then.Our July committee meeting on this Tuesday in Tobemore starting at 8.00.There seems to be very little interest in the Fermamagh away trip might cancel this to another time.
Name: Competition Secretary.
The first winner of the new Robert Hueston Cup was Stanley Aspinall with a nice bag of fish on the worm. In second place was Wesley McClenaghan on worm, and in third place was Jonny Hurl on spinners. This puts Wesley well out in front of the league with 64 points. Nearest to Wesley on 46 points is Jonny Hurl. Our next competition is the Colin & Hannah Doherty Memorial Cup which is on Monday the 18th of July. Our next away trip is coming up on the 13th & 14th  August to Mill Lough in Bellanalack, Fermamagh, so I would need names as soon as possible to book accommodation. Tight Lines.
Name: Competition Secretary
The Jack Lennox Cup was fished for last Monday evening with 10 senior and a really good turnout of 10 juniors,best of these was Andrew Rainey,next was Jordan Young who landed a nice wee Dollaghan and Robert McClean.This has Andrew Rainey on 22 points in the league, hot on his heels on 20 points is Jordan Young, and he is followed by Adam Richic.First place in the Lennox cup was Tommy McGrath on the dry fly, in second place was Paul Fulton also on the fly,and in third place was Wesley McClenaghan on the spinner. Third place keeps Wesley way out in front in the league on 56 points, nearest angler to him is Jonny Hurl on 40.points, Brian Bigmore & Tommy McGrath are both on 38 points, Philip Maguire is on 37 points,Paul Fulton has 36 points, Rusty Steele has 34 points, and Stanley Aspinall is on 32 points, so it's looks like we're all looking for second place.Our next competition is a new one in memory of our long time club treasury Robert Hueston on this Monday evening at 7.00 to 11.00. So hope to see a really good turnout for this one.Tight Lines.
Name: Competition Secretary
The Moyola and the MidUlster angling clubs held there annual Charis Charity competition at Lough Fea last Saturday.We had a good turnout and most angler caught fish. The best junior was Adam Richie, the J &B O'Kane Decorators Cup for the heaviest fish went to Nigel Stratton,The best bank trophy was won by Denis Ferguson,the Sperrin View Cottages Cup for best boat angler was won by Michael Brunton, and the Tobermore Concrete Cup for best overall bag of fish was won by Robert Paul for the third in a row. Well done Robert,Robert also went for a wee swim. A big thanks to everyone who donated prizes for our winner and for the raffle.I would like to thank the ladies up a Charis for having refreshments watting for us afterwards,also to Valerie Beattie for setting up the day and sorting out our posters with Chrisite's Printers in Magharafelt,also to Robert Paul for all his help throughout the day,and also to Dcal for supplying us for some very good Trout. A total of 625 was reased.A big thanks to everyone who turned out on Saturday. Tigth Lines.
Name: Competition Secretary
The Wilbert Pickering Cup fished for on the 13th of June was won by Junior angler Adam  Richic with a great Dollaghan at 4lb, well done Adam, in second place was Stanley Aspinall on bait, and in third place on bait was Wesley McClenaghan. This result leaves Wesley way out in front in the league by 14 points, Philip Maguire is in second place on 36 points, Jonny Hurl is next on 35 points, Brian Bigmore has 33 points,Rusty Steele is on 30 points, Paul Fulton,Stanley Aspinall,and Tommy McGrath are all on 28 points. Our best juniors are Andrew Rainey on 18 points,and Jordan Young is on 16 points. Our next competition on the Moyola is the Jack Lennox Cup on this Monday evening the 27th of June.This Saturday we have our annual Charis Charity open competition with the Mid Ulster Angling Club at Lough Fea,which starts at one o'clock and finishes at six o'clock with refreshments up in Charis afterwards.Anyone bringing a boat must get it washed in Cookstown at Milburn service station beforehand which will be free,and all anglers in boats must wear a life jacket.So hope to see a good out this Saturday. Fish from 1lb to 3lb have been put in this week so should be good. Tigth Lines.
Name: Competition Secretary
Wesley McClenaghan is hitting a bit of form at the minute by winning his second competition of the season the Glenview Perpetual Cup on the spinner, In second place was junior angler Joseph Spiers on the Fly, and in third place was Brian Bigmore on both Fly & Spinner. Next best junior was Jordan Young on the Fly. So well done to our Juniors. The league table has Wesley McClenaghan on 44 points, next is Jonny Hurl & Philip Maguire both on 32 points, Tommy McGrath & Brian Bigmore are both on 28 points, Rusty Steele is on 26 points, Paul Fulton is on 24 points,Stanley Aspinall is on 20 points, and Barry Diamond is on 19 points. Our best junior is Andrew Rainey on 16 points, and Jordan Young has 8 points. There was a good turn out of 17 seniors and 8 juniors on the night. Andrew Rainey was the winner of the MARS BAR.Our next competition is the Wilbert Pickering Cup on Monday the 13 th of June, followed by the Charis Charity Open competition at Loughborough Fea on the 25 th of June. Tight Lines.
Name: Competition Secretary
Winner of our first evening competition the McCracker Cup was Brian Bigmore on the fly,in second place on fly & spinner was Paul Fulton, and in third place was Wesley McClenaghan on bait. Best Junior on the night was Scott Stockman. 18 seniors anglers and 7 juniors took part in the competition.The senior league table still has Wesley McClenaghan out in front on 34 points, in joint second place is Jonny Hurl & Philip Maguire both on 27 points, Tommy McGrath has 24 points,Brian Bigmore & Rusty Steele are both on 22 points, and Paul Fulton has 20 points. Best junior is Andrew Rainey on 14 points and Matthew Wilson. Our next competition is the Glenview Perpetual Cup which is on Monday the 23rd of May.Tight Lines.
Name: Competition Secretary
This Monday evening competition the McCracken Cup starting at 7.00 untill 10.00is our first evening competition of the season.The league table has changed a bit after our weekend away trip to Fermanagh but still  in first place  on 28 points is Wesley McClenaghan, but after a good weekend in Fermanagh Philip Maguire and Jonny Hurl are on his tail on 24 points each, Next is Tommy McGrath on 22 points,Rusty Steele is on 20 points,Barry Diamond has 15 points and Stanley Aspinall has 14 points,so should be a interesting evening.
Name: Competition secretary
The moyola club headed to Fermanagh for their first weekend away. There was 25 anglers out and most of them caught fish. The weather conditions were good. The accommodation was great and the craic was mighty once more and everyone was happy. The winner of the France's o Loan memorial trophy for the heaviest fish was Johny Hurl 2lb weight. 2nd place went to Philip Maguire, Sean Henry and Robert Paul with fish at 29 oz. Patsy Harkin took 3rd place with a fish weighing 25 oz. Winner of the Martin O Neill Memorial Cup for best boat was Philip Maguire with a total of 21 lb 12 oz.  2nd place went to Adrian McKay with a total of 21lb 8 oz and 3rd place was Sean Henry with a total of 18lb 5oz.  The Watterson Cup for best bank went to Robert Paul with a total of 9lb 4oz and 2nd place went to Johnathon McCombs with 5lb 9 oz.  3rd lace went to Ivan Leecock with a total of 3lb.  The pairs competition was won by Sean Henry and Mathew Doyle with a total of 34lb 2 oz. Best junoir was James Brunton.  Mars bars went to James Bruton, Stanley Aspinall, Patsy Harkin, John McCombs, Rusty Steele and Wesley McClenaghan.  The next competition is on the Moyola River on Monday night 7pm to 10pm.  Tight lines
Name: Competition Secretary
It's hard to believe our third competition of the season the Ghillies Cup and the Ulster bank Junior Cup is already over.Winner of the Ghillies Cup was Jonny Hurl on the fly,well done Jonny,in second place was Tommy McGrath also on the fly,and in third place was Wesley McClenaghan on the worm. Winner of the Ulster Bank Junior Cup was Andrew Rainey on both fly and worm,second place went to Matthew Wilson on the Worm, and third place was Jack Lowry on worm. Our next river competition is the McCracken Cup on Monday evening the 9 th of May, starting at 7.00 in Castledawson. The first league table of the season has Wesley McClenaghan on 20 points, Barry Diamond has 15 points, Paul Fulton & Tommy McGrath are on 14 points, Rusty Steele has 12 points, and Jonny Hurl & Stanley Aspinall are both on 10 points. Our best juniors are Andrew Rainey on 14 points, and Matthew Wilson on 8 points.Winner of the MARS BAR was a junior and a great Fly tying expert Scott Stockman. Tight Lines.
Name: Competition Secretary
Our second competition of the season the Ciaran Duffin Memorial Cup last Saturday was fished for in extremely bad conditions and high dirty water which suited only the worm angler once again. In first place was Wesley McClenaghan on the worm. In second place was Paddy McCallion on worm and in third place was last weeks Mars bar winner Joey ONeill on worm. This weeks Mars Bar winner was Stanley Aspinal. A Mars Bar is awarded to someone who caught no fish on competition day. Our next day out is on the 9th of April the Ghillies Cup for the seniors, and the Ulster Bank Junior Cup for the juniors. Anyone still wishing to go on our away trip to Fermanagh on the 30th of April & the 1st of May please let me know as soon as possible. The cost of this is around 50. Lets hope the 9th of April will suit the Fly angler for a change.Tight Lines.
Name: Tommy Mcgrath
The Blood Transfusion Service is in Castledawson Christ Church Hall tomorrow from 4.00 until 8.00.Any first timers wishing to go can let me know.It is easier than getting a jag by a hook in your finger.
Name: Competition Secretary
The first competition of the season the Diamond Service station cup attracted 17 seniors and 7 juniors last Saturday,once again the river was high but the weather was good which was more suitable for the bait men, in first place was Barry Diamond on the worm,in second place was Paul Fulton on spinning and worm,and in third place was Rusty Steele also on the worm.Our best juniors were Andrew Rainey on the Fly and Cormic Rice on the worm. Our next competition is the Ciaran Duffin Memorial cup,which is on Saturday the 26 of March starting at 10.30 at Castledawson bridge. Anyone wishing to go on the club away trip to Fermanagh please let me know as soon as possible.Tigth Lines.
Name: Competition Secretary
This Saturday is the start of the competition on the Moyola river, first up is the Diamond Service station cup, starting at 10.30 at the Castledawson road bridge.
Name: Ady McGuigan
Hello all,
Im from Draperstown area, I now live in Australia.

Just curious how the season went at home?

Any salmon / dollaghan caught?

Would be great to hear.
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