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Name: Secretary
Next committee meeting will be on Monday 15th November @ 8pm in Moyola Football Club, Castledawson.
Please remember that final numbers will be required at this meeting for the Annual Dinner on Friday 19th Nov.
Name: peter walls
Just a quick word on the last day of the season.i would like to commend ciaran bradley on his care and skill on releasing a nice salmon !ps good days crack had by all!.
Name: willy darragh
well folks it drawing to a close, those people who have not reported their catch to myself will most certainly put them selves in contention for the spoon there isnt long left now so you could still be lucky ! anyhows on a more serious note i was at the weir today not an awfull lot of fish going but i did see more than enough diseased fish which isnt a good sign considering the salmon still have a couple of months left before spawning hopefully this isnt going to be a regular occurrence  tight lines for the remainder of the some what short couple of days !
Name: Dougie mc C
saw quite a few fish at the weir today msot were between 3 an 6 lb but their  were 5 or 6 round the 10 lb mark. lots of dollaghan of course ranging from 1 to 3 lb. all the salmon were very coloured though. hope they keep comin "tight lines"
Name: Brian Bigmore
Just a quick thanks to Tommy for another season of well run competitions - good craic and informal, and an excellent opportunity to meet other 'older and wiser' members for fishing tips and river geography. Tommy puts a lot of work into this each year and has clearly shown that he is always the best man for the job! Well done Tommy - keep up the hard work ;-)
Name: Tommy Mcgrath.
The competition secretary report for Gerald McLarnon Memorial Cup on the 16/10/2010. This was our last competition this season and was won by Joey ONeill with a good bag of Trout all taken on worms,in 2nd place was Willie Darragh with a nice bag of Trout and a wee Dollaghan all taken on the spinner,and in joint 3rd place was Philip Maguire and Seamus Donnelly on bait. Our best juniors were. 1st place John Mckay and in 2nd was Ethan Steele. There were 6 juniors and 17 seniors out today.
The league table finished with Tommy Mcgrath on 106 points, Joey ONeill on 99 points, Philip Maguire on 96 points , Stanlay Aspinall on 90 points,Brian Bigmore on 75 points,Patsy Harkin on 72 points Willie Darragh on 56 points and Seamus Donnelly on 54 points. Our best juniors were Jason Bateson on 68 points, John Mckay on 56  points  and Joseph Spiers on26 points.The heaviest bag of fish for the season goes to Joey ONeill, the heaviest Trout of the season goes to Stanley Aspinall, the largest dollaghan goes to Anthony O Hagan. Prizes for these will be givin out at our Annual Dinner on Friday 19th of November in the Oak Leaf Restaurant Maghera Tickets available from any member of for committee ,hope to see you all next season tight lines.
Name: rpmchlade
the irish word for the moyola is ((maigh fhoghlach)). which its meaning is plain of plundering..well thats about right cause i spent all season plundering up and down it looking for a salmon
Name: willy darragh
i would like to take this oppertunity to thank the club for the donation to the neo natal unit in Antrim area hospital this money was raised from the open-day and compitition thanks again to all concerned
Name: Philip Maguire
It was a great to see so many children and there parents at our open day on Saturday at Tobermore Ponds.
I would like to express my apprecation to all the members who helped to get the ponds ready for the Open day,also to the members who turned up on the day to make our programme go like clockwork.
The Open Day is very important to promote angling to our young people.
The excitment on the faces of those children when they caught a fish speaks for itself.            
We couldnt have picked a better day as the weather was like summer.
Thanks again to all who organised duck race, Falconery display,casting competition.
Marty D for the cooking,Fly tying,The ladies who made Tea,and anyone who helped in any way,to many names to mention.
Tight lines P Maguire
Name: Gail Scott
REF..SAT 9th October Open Day...Many thanks for a wonderful introduction to fishing for my 6 year old son Jake and a well organised day for all ..Well done to all in the Club..many thanks :)
Name: jmckenna
Congratulations on the very successful open day on 09.10.10. It is good for the youngsters involved and a great public relations exercise for the Club. It required and got a lot of preparation so well done to all concerned.
Name: Secretary
The next committee meeting will be held on Monday 18th October 2010 @ 8pm in Moyola Football Club. Email minutes have been sent and postal minutes will be posted on Monday next.
Name: willy darragh
ok fellas its coming to the time of year when panic starts to creep into one or two anglers i have just taken down the wooden spoon from the mantle in preperation for the new owner still time for a few men ie: seamy speedy mervin tommy peter to name but a few to catch a fish oh i nearly forgot philip maguire and patsy as well silly me you thought id forgot you !!! anyhows when or if you catch one make sure you take photos dna samples 3 witness statements and return the fish safley tight lines
Name: Jack Chapman
How wonderful to hear of the otters in the river and how great it is to observe all the wildlife along the Moyola.....but please keep the locations secret and not published on the website - not everyone wants to just watch and enjoy - some have more sinister desires on the wildlife!
Just a reminder to anyone using the guestbook.
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This is in the interest of all people who are interested in the Moyola river, whether for Angling Bird watching or Conservation.
If you have anything to say you should be able to put your full name against it.

Loose comments and hearsay can be offensive as well as being incorrect.

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