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Name: patsy h
Just a quick line to say that I really enjoyed the dinner dance. Good venue, good meal, good atmosphere-evening flew.
Name: Jack Chapman
The 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on Wednesday 27th January 2010 at 8pm in Parish Hall, The Gravel, Castledawson. Notices will be posted early in December and further details will be on the web site later.
Name: S Donnelly
Just a reminder to anyone who requires Dinner Dance tickets.
Final numbers are needed for Monday nights meeting.

Ticket prices :- Adults 20
                       Juniors 10

If your not attending the Meeting, you can leave a message here with the number of tickets needed.

Apparently Peter O'Neill has had to order a few extra wooden spoons for the big night.

None of us are safe .....
Name: p.moore
yes i know the name of this person!not be able to make it to the meeting mate!i can give you his name if you dont mind me giving it over this site?think he should be named and shamed any way,cos this must stop,which im sure everyone will agree.
It would be highly unethical to publicize this persons name on a guestbook.
if you could send an email with your name and phone number on it to
some one will give you a call.
Thankyou for your concern but as this is a serious accusation.
It must be handled in a proper manner.

Name: p.moore
i hear that a club member caught a salmon last sunday at the bankhead and ive heard that he fishes right up till december.think its bout time hes aproached bout this!and put out of club.what does everyone else think of this matter?
Reply To P.Moore

This is the first i've heard of this.
Do you have a name of this person and if so can you contact one of the baliffs or perhaps come along to the next meeting which is next monday evening.
Name: Barry Gallagher
Oh ciaran thanks for the hand out or i would have been in the lough for sure i wonder how willie got so wet when i was,nt
Name: Barry Gallagher
well im not for the dinner and yes a big thanks to willie for the smokes not to often you get anything from him,but i might make a show to get the swimmin award i could do with arm bands or a rubber ring
Name: Seamus Donnelly
Does anyone know if Barry is going to the Dinner Dance?
its a good job willie and ciaran got him out or he would have been in Toome before the rest of us...
Name: ciaran bradley
Yes barry did fall in but myself and willie got him wisked out before he was washed to the lough.I would give him 8 out of 10 for entry.NO cigs got wet as we had none WILLIE provided them THANKS.
ON a happier note some big dollaghan were got and a few nice salmon.

Tight lines ciaran.
Name: JMK
Peerhaps it is already generally known but I feel that an incident where a bailiff encountered poachers on the lower river last week should be publicised.The poachers, or wildlife criminals as I like to call them were at theCastledawson weir and the one above it and they had a number of salmon. However they got away .The bailiff in question deserves congratulations for his vigilance and it,s a warning to all anglers to be on the look out for suspicious activity
Name: Jack Chapman
The month comes round very quick.
Next meeting Monday 16th November 2009 @ 8pm in Bridge Bar, Castledawson.
Minutes are on their way.
Name: Barry Gallagher
yes i did go in but i never got wet or nothin damaged but there was a few that seen it as for my address im sure a fone call will help get it.
Name: willy darragh
barry did fall in, he had no cigs on him ciaran can vouch for him lol!
Did he get wet?
yes he did witnesses just 44444444, of us including the chairman if thats not good enough,i dont know  
Name: philip maguire
electrofishing went very well to day.
there was a man called Barry had a bit of a fall, he was lucky he had 2 minders to grab him before he got wet.
Willie ended up soaked, i dont no how that happened lol
Name: Seamus Donnelly
As holder of swimmers award from last years dinner dance i would like to launch a last minute appeal for information on anyone who may have fallen into the river during the season or indeed after the season.

successful canditates will be scored on several points

1. How wet they got
2. where there witnesses present
3. Was there more than one witness present
4.Did they damage mobile phones,cigerattes etc
5. Lastly did they deny getting wet,or even falling in

There is a rumour flying around this evening about a certain individual falling in during todays electrofishing at castledawson.

i still await the full details.
hope some of you can fill in the blanks....

oh i need the canditates home address if possible. if they dont shiow up at the dinner dance, i'm gonna have to go looking for them.


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