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Name: Brian Bigmore
Same here. Fished from 9am - 2.30pm. Fly, spinner and worm not a single pull. Anybody know what's the cause? First day last year was great!!!

Name: seamus donnelly
i've invested in a life jacket just in case.
And there' no more trees above curran so i'm gonna be extra careful.

Anybody catch a fish yet?

i was out on Monday and never got a touch
Name: Brian Bigmore
Any witnessing of swimming during the season let me know!!!!! I'm keeping a diary - SEAMUS!
Name: philip maguire
Tight lines to all our anglers,young and old.
I hope you all have a great season.
Name: Club Secretary
Now the season has started I'm sure you would like to be on the river.....please remember you should NOT be fishing if you have not paid your club fees!
Name: Mickey McGlade
Tight lines for 2010 - details of the upcoming competitions will be added under the 'events' section on the left side of the homepage.
Name: patsyh
what a glorious day for the start of the season. Pity that work gets in the way. Tempted to organise a "site meeting" or a little "sick  call" but will resist the temptation. Tommy dont cast those self tied flies too hard- the're not guananteed against water exposure ;) IP rating 00
Name: dd
nearly time to wet a line. tight lines all.
Name: `Bill Dill
I have not as yet fished the Moyola, being a new member.  However I find your website excellent, giving a plethora of information and great photo's.  Allowing an idea of where to fish.
Name: Seamus Donnelly

The fly tying class was a great success. Very enjoyable for us all and everyone has shown great improvement from the first night.
Thanks to Stanley, he was a great help and very patient with the beginners.
As for Joey, he's an inspiration to us all when he's not complaining.

Maybe we should keep the classes going for a while.

P.S. Shaggy eventually paid...

Name: James
I think a river map showing names of pools, places to park etc would be a fantastic idea.
Name: Steven Brennan
Can the dates of this years competitions be published on the website? I think it would be handy for all of us.

Name: philip
             I hear your Fly tying class on Monday nite was a great success,
Someone said stanley helped you and did someone say Joey passed on lots of information and was a great inspiration to all who attended.
keep up the good work Seamus
Name: Jack
Just send me the form with your fee and an SAE and I'll do the rest. Next committee meeting for approval is 15th March so get all to me before then. Cheers!
Jack Chapman (Secretary)
Name: paul
I am only new too moyola and i am going to buy a membership. when i was filling in the application form a question came up "name and address of association full member to whom you are known" i do not know anyone who fishes here. do i fill  the form in blank or what? help
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