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Name: Seamus Donnelly
i think we'll be getting a bit of water tonight or tomorrow morning.
hopefully this will bring some diadromous fish into the river... Greek (DIA) means between
Name: Brian Bigmore
Did Willie steal Neptunes encyclopaedia?????
Name: Michael McGlade
Patsy - sounds like you have a good yarn to tell. can you send me both pictures and words to email [it's up and running again] and I'll put it into news and also Moyola Memories section.
Name: willy darragh
Fish can migrate vertically, up and down the water column, or horizontally, across oceans or along rivers. Many marine species make daily, or diel vertical migrations (Latin: 'Dies' is day).

Classification of horizontally migrating fish:

potamodromous fish migrate within fresh water only (Greek: Potamos is river and dromos is 'a running').
oceanodromous fish migrate within salt water only (Greek: 'Oceanos' is ocean).
diadromous fish travel between salt and fresh water (Greek: 'Dia' is between).
anadromous fish live in the ocean mostly, and breed in fresh water (Greek: 'Ana' is up; The noun is "anadromy")
catadromous fish live in fresh water, and breed in the ocean (Greek: 'Cata' is down)
amphidromous fish move between fresh and salt water during their life cycle, but not to breed (Greek: 'Amphi' is both)
just some interresting facts lol
Name: patsy h
Will be sending a little acticle  shortly showing fishy photos taken and listing some wise quotes made by respectable Moyola expert anglers and philosophers during a Scottish game fishing  holiday in August ;)
Name: jacob mckee
what all types of fishing can u do at night?is there sea trout in moyola?
Name: Patsy h
Regarding my previous post on the ponds:

To me developing, maintaining and putting “stockies” in the ponds is a very good gesture, involving very hard voluntarily work, time and expenditure by the club, individual members and sponsors, to help young /novice/ not so young anglers by providing them with an excellent facility for tuition and reasonable access to a limited quantity of   stocked fish.
I only really mentioned the ponds in the context of prompting general club anglers and day ticket holders at the ponds to reciprocate this gesture through restraint, through fair and reasonable angling practice and by encouraging the same, so that all legitimate anglers at the ponds can continue to benefit from this limited facility for a reasonable time.
I am also not forgetting that the ponds are also home to all sorts of wildlife deserving equal respect from anglers.

I deliberately refrained from referring to the wild trout or any other wild fish in the river as I consider these a completely different priority.
I will stop at saying that from my point of view the wild trout/salmon/fish in the river are a "billion times” more important than “stockies” and to me any conservation proposals or concerns relating to these wild fish are extremely important and worthy of debate but on the other hand from my prospective too difficult and too sensitive for open forum debate
Name: ciaran bradley
I see patsy makes a good point  catch and release at the ponds to ensure we maintain a good stock of fish.What about the wild trout in the river what about encouraging catch and release here,or as i have said in the past cutting the bag limit.Surely our wild fish must be priority over stockies?.
Name: Michael O Kane
How did you manage to get the weed out in the end?
was it anything to do with a blade from a combine?
lol would be interested to know if that worked.
by the way i would have been there on saturday only i had a match.
Name: patsy h
I can see that a lot of very hard work has taken place by some club members at the ponds with the good intentions of teaching and making available some reasonably accessible fishing to young and novice anglers. Is there going to be some form of sign or notice going up to encourage restraint on fishing methods and restraint on removal of fish . I think that experienced club members should be encouraged to and encourage others to look after the stock here so that all members especially the young and novice members can continue for some time to enjoy the fishing.
There is a sign being made at present explaining the rules at the ponds.
one of the rules states that catch and release is encouraged.
Lets hope everyone that everyone understands that these trout are stocked, so when there gone there gone.
the longer they stay in the ponds the longer we have fun with them.
Hopefully we will have the sign up for the open day.
Name: willy darragh
just a word to Seamy PATENT PENDING
Name: Philip Maguire
A good turn out at ponds today. The weed nearly all gone.
There will be a few men going out tomorrow and again on wednesday evening.
Anyone who has a bit of free time, dont be afraid to call in anytime and lend a hand. Now that we have it looking well, we will have to try and keep it that way so as it doesn't get into as bad a shape again.
Many thanks to the men who have worked very hard this last few weeks to get it cleaned
,and Seamus that idea of yours worked great lol
Name: Seamus Donnelly
we need another big push tomorrow at the ponds. The place is coming into shape for the open day.
meeting at 12pm with weed removal being top priority.
Name: ciaran bradley
hows it going s.o brian , will be very interested in ur results on these fish could it be possible it might be some sort of disease?, there is a hatchery on the moyola and you can visit any time best regards ciaran.
Name: S O'Brien
I am having the damage caused to the two fish [1 salmon, 1 dollaghan] caught in Moyola analysed in lab at uni. will post results. Not sure about comments on trout breeding Ciaran - is there not a big hatchery on Moyola? wud like to visit it sometime.
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